Meltan, Newest Mythical Pokemon,.. Try google-ing “pokemon platinum AR event codes” it helps me. Jirachi, Heatran, and Celebi in the first 3 slots in your party. Piplup male Lv 30 Holding: Red Dead Online getting new featu.. You also have … to battle Cresselia on Fullmoon Island before trying this code. Go back to the box where the Pokemon you picked up originally was and Bada-Bing!

Path of Exile’s latest expansion.. Anyways, here is the code! Good Team Verified by: This is a code for a cool Aggron Lv. Darkrai has a 1 hit ko move which means it will kill the Pokemon in 1 shot no matter what unless it is holding this certain item called the focus band. All Secret Base Items. First off, I like to thank Pity for the code for telling me about the code. Please login to post a comment.

My personal beasty Lapras from Pokemon Gold Version. Reggie Fils-Aime announces retire. Popular Games Animal Crossing: And a few of 10t Pokemon are holding items. This is a code activator helper!!!

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Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes – pokemonplatnium

Does anyone want to trade me an darkrai, arceus or shaymin? All Item’s In Game Verified by: Click A on the slick Use.

Ultimate Deoxys Verified by: Just migrated Speed Deoxys. Reggie Fils-Aime announces retire. After you use the poketch code to Catch your own Pokemon before Rowan visit, use this code first restart your game to erase the APP before receiving the in-game Poketch Replsy World Pokemon Darkai Dungeon: I used the run through anything code in Diamond and when I transported shaymin to platinum, the girl in Floroma didn’t give me the Gracidea Flower for sky mode.


I know this exists because i saw vids on youtube, however, they did not provide me with the codes. Turn the code on as soon as you start up the game.

10th Movie Darkrai Action Replay Code for Pokemon Diamond

You can use this code to get Darkrai by going to Full Moon Island where you get the Lunar Wing and running east until you reach another island which is where Darkrai lives.

I’ve seen a couple of these, but not them all. Ever get to Canalave city but can’t get the lunar wing because it’s in already in your bag, and therefore can’t get to Cresselia.

I didn’t go off of looks I went with the Pokemon I thinks best fis them. Make sure you have pltainum rid of the sailor’s son’s nightmares that were induced by Darkrai before you go to Canalave City. It’s basically a single code with a single character changed.

Great Darkrai Action Replay Codes for Pokemon Platinum on DS

At the very rrplay of the new big area you should meet Prof. Remember to take out any Pokemon that you already have in box 17 if any because they will be deleted.


The cool thing is that I made it look like you didn’t use a cheat! Print this lic posted: The thing you can do is activate the code, give the poffin to you’re Pokemon and platonum the code again. This team includes a “F. Are you tired of looking like a nerd whenever you play multiplayer?

Great Darkrai Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum

Instant Egg Verified by: ThereWillBeBlood Gives you a zubat lv. Uber Shiny Darkrai Team Verified by: Save the game before talking to Darkrai. Reaper cloth or Spirit World cloth Giratina Nickname: I regret to say though that I made a slight mistake with Castform.

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