I just 3 starred it with 49, on the 8 or 9th attempt, definately the way to go, if the walkthrough is much different I will be surpised, but there is the exploding pig I thought I hit earleir today, so maybe there is a much better way, but yours got me past todays, thanks: What really sucks is that this is extremely difficult now that the glitch is fixed on all the glitched stages. It has been a challenge obtaining an above average score without the glitch. Thanks kartflyer and e-star. Rah Rah gooooo Kathy you caaannn doooo iiitttt!!! As the levels 7 and 18, there is a hidden bomb in the bottom.

Ok, so I was looking at the small pig with the hat on the left and it actually is the larger pig with the hat on the right side of the screen. Too high and the bird stalls out and stops rolling too soon. I mentioned it cryptically when talking about getting the topmost pig sometimes on the first shot. If it goes well, the bird rolls all the way through all presents. Second bird up a little higher,into Tnt and only far right pig and hanging pig are left. You want to activate him a little before the structure so he goes through the gap at a downward angle.

Sorry knichy i missed this, i am back here now: This should make the tnt fall down and explode. Thanks for the tips TMH.

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Fortunately I got to play with in big league due to a old version of AB and an jailbroken iPad. If I can do it after a gazillion tries then so can you!! Then I threw the yellow bird to hit the TNT and take out the other 2 smaller pigs. Sometimes, you will get topmost pig with TnT blast pushing you up around 45k.

I have mangaed it a couple of times, but have been unable to discover exactly what sets it off. I am going to try this one as soon as my birds thaw out: I got it by following step one and two on video, then -120 the tnt with the blue birds which blew up the last little piggie and the last gift left.


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Second greedinggs up a little higher,into Tnt and only far right pig and hanging pig are left. You have an amazing eye for details, rd!! Yes very very funny!

No need to use the blue bird. I must have done this for a challenge, back in may,my score is above,so just gonna keep it.

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To see which levels have the glitch, we have tagged them. In the wooden structure on the left of the pig pile there is a small pig with a hirds on, if you take out the snow to its left thats holding up the left end of the wooden structure, letting the wood collapse toward your catapult, the pig in the hat will roll slightly then explode.

If it goes well, the bird rolls all the way through all presents. This drops the top part of the tree and the dynamite takes out the greedingz pig. I keep picking up my phone and having another go at todays, will not be etars yesterdays though!

Takes out 2 pigs on the left and most of the snow. Then fire your blue birds to the final remaining pig on the far right, getting as many damage points as you can. Threw the big red bird straight across to take care of the first 3 pigs and sometimes it even rolls all the way to the right where the presents stard. Thank you Birdman for posting your Alternate Strategy.

Similar strategy to this one: I find the various startegies very interesting. Here is my video! Eggbound white birds … bah! Thanks for your strategy enabled me to get above average for what has been ages!!!

If you can get the explosion the score skyrockets. Big Red — Pull him straight down. Got 75, with 2 birds. Somehow one of the split blue birds hit a couple presents beneath the Santa pig too — ended up with 64, and three stars at last.


I see you at 74k as well, same method?

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The video below shows the Santa Hat glitch. I have an iphone and I have had big explosions from the one under the tree, the one on the right of the first tree trunk, not the one on the left btw trouble is greedinfs I do, I usually screw up the next, or the last bird and dont finish the level!

The first 2 shots are relatively routine and you can set them up to be easily repeated if you mark your release point on the sling. Not sure if we should change your name to Jammy ; 67K without any explosions is 12-0 damn good score!

It took me weeks, but I finally cleared it with three stars using your method. I thought I did both shots perfectly and still only got only 62K.

Ive never managed to hook up a clear run with the bomb going off, every time it has I have messed up the last shot and failed the level, would love to know how much it would add to my 54, if I gresdings get it to work and clear the level!

I have only managed to just squeak over 50K done 50K a couple of times now 50, is my best so far, but Im still trying! If done correctly, this should clear all presents, get all but three leftmost pigs and end up with a score between k.

Score is about k at this point.