Cannon, Silver and Navid get to use their judgeyness for good for once by totally judging Adrianna, and Teddy is back, looking all hot and stuff. Why would Lila Amber Wallace schedule a date on the very night she was supposed to be auditioning singers for her band? That could basically be the line for her in every episode. Naomi and Liam have some pretty good chemistry together. I am going to trademark that at some point. Here are things I loved about it:. I know that Harry: They were of course, not being discrete at all, making out in the hallway at a party.

I know that Harry: That was the dumbest, most convoluted way ever to get Annie to have some kind of PTSD attack about hitting the bum. She was pretty much the only character focused on tonight whose actions made any sense whatsoever. I mean Gia has an ex-girlfriend that was mentioned casually and Gia and Adrianna have already had a pretty steamy kiss, so I don’t really see the need to act all ridiculous about the episode where they actually get together, CW promo team. The answer to that last question is a big fat YES. I can’t wait to see the crazy baby faces he or she makes! So Silver narrowly escaped the grossness that is, Mr.

Kudos to the CW for letting them kiss a bunch! They warm my cold cold heart and make me believe that pregnant teenagers and their boyfriends who are not even the dad of the kid can make a happy and stable family that will rule forever.

I was not surprised but I adriabna just not into the whole “forbidden to be together” thing. Women don’t like it when you sleep with their daughters. What about he and Liam being all buddy-buddy? Which I guess they could feel about Dixon, because he can be really annoying, but I think maybe they’ve misplaced their antipathy towards Annie onto him. That teacher really is a sleaze!!


The Ivy stuff was cute and sad all at once.

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A sext of her goes out AND she has to be reminded that she’s pretty sure she killed someone. I mean Adrianna dreams about fatt abs!

At least they gave Liam that weird floppy teenager haircut. If you suddenly like Annie and can never love Naomi again, why did you fake that did an get back together with her? That was awesome for the five seconds that is seemed like it might possibly be true! Quick cuts – Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves quick cuts set to music that the kids thing is cool these days. We hate all the same things, Jen, Annie, wilderness camp A lot of win going on there.

I feel like their relationship was portrayed as really functional and mature, and Gia as totally into Ade as well as smart and funny and then BAM! Thanks for reminding me why I used to hate Kelly so so much.

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And ivy deserves to have a nice boyfriend who goes to many different taco trucks to prepare a adrianba for her! One fight and she’s hooking adrixnna with her ex! I wanted to smack Dixon for sitting there and pouting like a little baby instead of realizing that his girlfriend was cool and ready to be herself again! So, the takeaway here is, I hate Annie less. Villains and other nefarious types say this kind of thing all the time on Law and Order, old movies and soap operas!

His mom did make a cake though, and it was nice of him to offer. She is such an annoying character that they might as well make everyone on the show hate her too! Why would Lila Amber Wallace schedule a date on the very night she was supposed to be auditioning singers for her band?


Matthews Ryan Tat be likeable and smart.

Feel free to ask me about it in the axrianna or something! I really cannot tell where this storyline is going. Seriously lady, seaso tell your husband you kissed a crazy-hot guy and liked it unless you just want to get a divorce. Charlie and Liam having matching scars did intrigue me though. If that is not a miracle, then I don’t know what one is. Apologies for missing last week, but let’s jump right into another episode of !

I am glad that she is using him and is going to dump him, because the fact that he likes her makes him an idiot. Sometimes network TV can shy-away from letting same-sex couples show affection, so I was pleasantly surprised with these two.

This is a person who is dating someone in high school, 10 years younger than her, and was being totally controlling and weird to him.

They can’t have another pregnancy on this show so fast, could they?

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I know the guitarist is supposed to be daughter of a famous musician but still They might not want something serious yet, but I want them to be together forever, get married and have little surfing babies. Speaking of Dixon, I actually really liked the scenes with him and Deb where they talked about his adoption and his trouble feeling like he belonged in the family. Man, I really miss my favorite teenage almost-marrieds. As you can see, I am still loving this storyline.

And yes, I will be starting every single post with a review of what happened to Adrianna and Navid, because I love them.