So I am afraid it will be very difficult for Aeris to regain the confidence, and as I told I believe they may better change the name or even use another brand of theirs to get over it. I set it for 2 ft and it counted my laps perfectly. I always tried explaining that, and was advocating the F. Another aspect was the nature of the two problems. If you ask among freedivers, unfortunately most have Aeris associated with a faulty computers that all owners had to sent sent several times to the workshop before getting a fix, doubling so the cost for the computer, and about often dissatisfying customer support at least in some countries. I wear my dive watch daily, and between showering and working out, I have to take my watch off way more than I’d like to in hopes of putting off expensive battery changes. Anyway, great, great, great news. Depth and elapsed dive time with access to countdown or lap timer on main display.

You must log in or register to reply here. Elevation — removed graphic from Alternate Displays. Aeris firmware update “1C” available for the Aeris F10, release date Click OK to continue. July 23, , Improving over the original model by way of adding an adjustable depth activation for shallow water training, the ability to revise firmware via an optional cable and other revisions See below for more details the F offers unparalleled features versus other freediving watches. For those who already have an F10 or get one that has been sitting on the shelf for any length of time , and either get the low-battery indicator freqently or have other issues Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

As a registered member you will be able to: Communicate privately with other divers from around the world. A unique safety feature is that an internal stopwatch continues to run so that whilst in water, the running time is not erased if the computer becomes submerged.


Dreediving problem is also that many retailers still have the faulty watches in their stocks, so people won’t buy the F. August 29, I wish they had something for mac so that I can update.

Forums New posts Trending Search forums. I always tried explaining that, and was advocating the F.

Hi Trux, First let freeediving say I don’t have any business relationship with Aeris – I’m not an authorized rep or anything – so my thoughts are my own. A lot of people will not touch the F. August 30, They needed to get hold of a watch with the problems and follow through with that one unit – which they finally did – but even then they couldn’t duplicate the static issue and had to guess! So I am afraid it will be very difficult for Aeris to regain the confidence, and as I told I believe they may better change the name or even use another brand of theirs to get freedkving it.

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Soft where updates for the Aeris F10 watch

I have a USB cable you guys can borrow to upgrade. The Noob Spearo Podcast. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

There will not be any bug reports in this thread – the whole purpose of a r10 is to provide the manufacturer with input before the product is fully released. Sep 12, 13 58 Aarhus, Denmark.

Your decision to contribute is strictly voluntary. June 02, See our Privacy Policy page for more information. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price.


Forums Freediving Freediving Equipment. This post is long – I’ll start another with more details about the V2. They are a small company and like many companies in the ffreediving business environment – they are running lean. These temporary cookie s are stored on your local freeidving for 24 hours after you leave this website.

Aeris F10 V2 Free Diving Computer |

Only the color of the insert that labels the buttons – also ‘mode’ is ‘stop’ on F. Jun 4, 27 3 43 Lisbon, Portugal. I’m glad I got a v. June 16, This, as I was told by Aeris tech support yesterday, will fix the battery-low indicator wtch well as other problems, and is the most current update available.

I will try to answer questions here. I’m taking the position of testing it as it is – to make sure what’s there works as advertised.

What do the abbreviations mean? The gauge no longer has wet mode.

Aeris F10 V2 Free Diving Watch / Computer

Just got a response from Oceanic Europe. May freediviny, Anytime I am up that way or your down where I am, I will be glad to help upgrade the software.

You will now see “1C” listed in the firmware revision box. The f10 software interface sucks and not worth the 99 bucks for it.