I just finished watching it and all i can say is im lost I love the silliness of mine brother. She outgrew Sinan he was to Imatur for her. Julie Finnegan 27 January at Unknown 24 December at Loved the little boy who played Hassan he was adorable. First of all, if it is an incomplete series with no book to indicate to the viewers what happened in the unpublished episodes, then Netflix should scrap it.

After so much anticipation, why do movies and series fail us in the end? Unknown 26 September at The following list of keywords is sorted from A to Z. He is not handsome enough for that role. Maybe I will spend my time watching from Zulu or Amazon. Does anyone watch Pakistani dramas? The way Sinan said “what are you doing here? Why was Memo in Mime’s house during her bridal party?

Why did they kill Sinan in the end and why did Timur’s wife appeared on the last minute of a 79 episodes show reversing everything that happened from the beginning??? The following image list is analyzed based on the image search for the keyword Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube.

Tienen que hacer obligatoriamente la temporada 2. Honestly i was super disappointed.

The writer or tifka switched, or died and another writer substituted him writing the finale, or the producers switched this delioguinal ending on purpose for a reason unknown, or some hidden hands missed with story Monitas Con Amor 14 February at Secondly, when you watch for 79 very slow episodes with an incredible amount of flashbacks, romantic dreaming, etc, you would like to get to the point at some stage.


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I love it just how it is. Full of promise and fragility. I totally loved all the steps he made towards claiming his son. He’s a total annoyance and took up too much screen time. Emine’s acting is just superb.

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Julie Finnegan 27 January at I’ve even learned some Turkish words. She was right in wanting to keep things as normal as possible for Hassan. By the way, I agree with you that Sinan shows the most honest, innocent love, but you consider this to be immature love. I found Timur very creepy and I cringed every time he came near Mine, so I lasg one was very happy to episdoe see any physicality between the two.

Jaine 17 August at And he wasn’t a good actor at that.

Lol Ugh epiisode disappointing! Why is Derin laet Emine still alive- kill them instead! Tracie Harrell 16 January at I agree, I’m in mourning the day after I finished it. So many questions please have a heart and make season 2! I didn’t attribute his side looks to checking for lines. Sesaon do blame the writer as well sinan was not a bad guy and they tried to make him out to be awful. Sad episode 79 ended this way though.

Annie O 13 December at Its so gross and creepy. Sinan tries to kill Timur for loving Mine, but Derin distracts him and kills Funda as revenge. Even the Last Kingdom. This is a show that could have been excellent but But there is a scene where Mine is getting married to Timur.


First of all, if it is an incomplete series with no book to indicate to the viewers what happened in the unpublished episodes, then Netflix should scrap it. Superb acting and well directed plot.


Mine goes back and forth. So sad there is no season two!! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first season and wish that there was a chance for the drama to continue; it would have been good to see that Sinan would achieve the happy ahbabyo he deserved after suffering so greatly.

Image search is one of the main sources for users to get pictures. Timur was so selfish he didn’t care about anyone, but himself.

Ahbabto Tifla Season 2 Youtube

Poor Sinan I think it was either his Father or Derin. Or is this something we just have to swallow as an unfinished story?

Emine’s acting was superb! Might be my age, I admit. And Timur claiming Hasan as his son so much He was the love child of Sebahat and her ex, Hasan. I hope they make a season 2 where Mine and Sinan finally become one!