Suzie 2 episodes, He is god of long life and rebirth, therefore looks more middle-aged than his true advanced age of 90s. Michele decided to stab Hanna completely out of the blue. And Mike goes to see Ty — and has Mike even reasonably tried to make up with Ty after blowing up all over him? And Axl sees Frigg — big god moment should have had some lightning! Brian 1 episode, Alex Davidson

Vengeful Loki takes advantage of the transformation and burns her forest down, so she is currently missing, presumed dead. The two groups hold a meeting to discuss their rival claims. The New Zealand Herald. Helen increasingly influences Anders’ decisions, persuading him to let Dawn go. Beth 1 episode, Britta Brandt The next morning they meet and enact the ritual, Axl promising that the first thing he will do as Odin is restore Michelle to life.

Suzie 2 episodes, Heimdall wakes up when he senses this and teleports himself to confront Mike.

The Almighty Johnsons

Meanwhile, Axl chats up a librarian he meets while borrowing books about Norse gods. Michele’s mother who is also a party planner, although loves throwing god parties. Retrieved 30 November Derrick pleads for Axl’s help to retrieve it back, so Axl goes to them to ask for it back. After being hired by Heimdall. Man in Suit 1 episode, He is strongly drawn to her and feels warmth around her, and thinks it could be love.

Earlier, Zeb had recovered enough to see Axl break the handcuffs, almihty finding out about Axl’s power. He also reveals that the union of Odin and Frigg will happen at the Ga, a special ceremony of which neither oracle were aware — and the outcome will not be what they have assumed all this time. Martin is also missing — Heimdallr has gone to Bifrost, and Martin has also johnsoms on; he always knew he would die because of the Gar.


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Derrick is enraged to learn Axl allowed his enemies to drive him johnsona, since he blames his neighbors, Thom and Kerry, for stealing his hammer. Ty drinks the tea; he dies and his god spirit leaves his body, then Michele taps power from the Yggdrasil cutting to bring him back to life. Rob admits to initially being angry at Mike for marrying his fiance, while Anders tries to convince Mike that Val is still in love with Rob.

Olaf explains it is one of Odin’s powers, used for spying, and suggests there is a reason for its happening. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved 27 September When Rob woke fifteen years later, he impregnated almigyty in an affair.

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With Axl unable to explain, Gaia believes that he has used her and leaves for Waiheke Island. Zeb 30 episodes, Fern Sutherland But also that, as Ullr, he will find her. Joelle 1 episode, Vodka Girl 1 1 episode, Gaia is kidnapped by hooded men in a van. Axl gets Hanna and Martin’s address from Ty, but doesn’t find her until after her date with Mike.

In his mortal form, she cannot remember him.

He loves beer, his trusty hammer, Mjollnir, and his daughter Delphine. Their shiny family sword has also gone. Axl rings round the gods — Ty and Dawn apparently have a plan but still seem awfully nervous — and Mike gets the news from Axl with restrained sort-of-grace and Anders there to play comforter — and Johnsonz calling to rub salt into the wounds, of course. Mike opens it, goes in….

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And before the signs at all, Oracle Olaf said he was Odin. Noting that her God-parents were terrible people who didn’t deserve to have a child, before taking the girl away with a vow to protect her, telling them he killed her. Meanwhile Michele realises her best chance for a life is Frigg dying old and unmarried.


The main character of the show. A whole load of sadness all round.

George 3 episodes, Tainui Tukiwaho Beth 1 episode, Britta Brandt Mike realizes he can move out of Axl’s house. Johsnons and Helen deal with Natalie, a conservative, germaphobic potential client from Norway, who seems to have ulterior motives for being there.

Pete 1 episode, Retrieved 12 July Right after he got his powers, opponents in a pool game put his friend into a coma.

Hanna is the human incarnation of Frigg, Axl’s pre-destined soul mate that if his love is accepted, would cause all the gods and goddesses to regain their powers at full strength. Bryn 5 episodes, Geoff Dolan Al,ighty grandfather is reborn every day! Jackie 1 episode, Olivia Tennet And Mike goes to see Ty — and has Mike even reasonably tried to make up with Ty after blowing up all over him?

He steals Eva’s body from the coffin and stores it in Ty’s freezer, planning a hilltop Norse funeral. Series 2 reveals that her real parents were gods, so she will become a goddess at age jihnsons Hotel Employee 1 episode, At the end of Series 2, he achieves his goal of mortality by dying johnsonx and losing his god essence, revived by Michele.

Posted by Sparky at Meanwhile, Anders’ manipulation of a scandal involving two celebrity clients disgusts Dawn and Ty. During the fight, she reveals the goddesses’ plans: Game Face since Happy!