Thank you a billion, trillion times!!! First is the star data and the constellation finder. Warning – It’s Addictive. This poor little Vaeolus seems to have had his flames extinguished, and has been severely injured! Skip to content Skip to main menu Menu. Posted February 28,

Needed that after the stupid bird tormented me. He’ll be sleeping in 4 hours, 16 minutes. It doesn’t help for me, but the petpet has never liked me, really. They appear after you do all the stuff above. Don’t even wait for it to load. So this blog won’t be update until there are special events happening in Neopets. Keep refreshing till you go from this — To this, you are looking for a tiny bit of ribbon Click then little ribbon thing and then click continue.

Again, go back to the Archives. Off the to Archivist we go again! Once at the Punch Club, pot on the pie on the table.

Neopets Guides Find all your Neopets Guides on one site! After this, we head on over to the HOH, and go up to the Observatory. I’m excited to get the avvie tomorrow and I’m using the theme now!

Click on the symbol on the paper he is holding to get the next conestellation. Star Data Constellation Finder Telescope. From there, at any of the shops, check the inflation rate of that shop. Has been for about a month. Neopet is so boring these days. You should then visit every shop in turn until you see an item with a scale altadkr libra on it.


Meaning the beginning of the minute. If you want some more explaining on the timing, here it is What’s New at Neopet? The Vaeolus is in the upper plkt corner. Wow, such a nice view of… clouds? Head to the Library, located to the left of the bullentin board in the Archieves. I wonder if anything special happens when all of them are lit up. You have to time this correctly.

Guide to QUICKLY Complete the Altador Plot [SHORTCUT]

Exquisite Ambrosia will have. I did something similar. Sign In Sign Up. You should be able to find the altdor plot – step by step done by me. That blows on the water combination! You will now get you new constellation.

Welcome to myTDN, guest!

Next, go to the Water Plant. There is no war planned for quite a while. Keep clicking until you find a Grarrl.

He’ll be sleeping in 4 hours, 16 minutes. After all of this, the janitor wants a little input. They should look like this: Then head back to the Astronomy club.

Neopets Altador Plot Solution and Walkthrough

I actually just finished the whole thing! This is very useful. Now click on the lights in the back as shown below. Here is a pic to help and a list of all the possible combinations alfador could be.


Posted December 2, Tarla – Shop of Mystery How to get the Avatar: I tried this and it worked the very first time!

Guide to QUICKLY Complete the Altador Plot [SHORTCUT] | Neopets Guides

Now that would be something to see. A,tador the Vaeolus self. Are you still a little unsure? The minute past very fast. Now, you go back to the Archives and switch the rock for the book, but clicking the book. That’s basically the log of my activity for healing the damn pet pet with an additional action I forgot to log at 8: The oil is random and you may pllot to click many statues.

Neopets Altador Plot – Quick Completion Guide | Neopets Cheats

It is different for everyone. The portal in Faerieland is merely the current way to get to Altador. Posted January 20, It is a good idea to close your instant messenger windows, for example.