D check the Garden room important message: Clumsy fingers and all. Our strategy for Piglantis level is to loop the Boomerang bird over everything, spinning back to destroy the solitary tower on the right side. I agree on the feather directions but would add that I flung mine backward up in the air to land it just at the base of the far left slingshot column. This was after I tried your first shot as the second following her first, and it cleared everything left. I completely agree with you pourpete. Our strategy is to fling the White bird up between the two far right towers. I Shot my bird straight thru breaking the little wooden block and the plank on top of the block.

Why does Bomb sink in Angry Birds Space? My very first top score at least for the moment and before trying again with the daily challenge, I think my score was barely over K. I only ask you cuz I know ya; thanks. I noticed if you launch the First bird straight over the grass and under the edge of the roof of the first structure dropping her egg just before impacting the pillar, sometimes the TNT on top of wood planks will launch the TNT under the stone plank all the way under and come up to explode the two small pigs on on the other side. Excellent strategy e-star , thanks! Sorry — my strat was to shoot YB through the helmet pig in the center — hit it just right and everything came down. But it will have to wait for Space and Star Wars.

Great Score Lark Bunting!! But I was not able to get much above k. Obviously, the biggest problem with the underwater shot it the Piglantiw.

I finally raised my score using the video method, but it took forever to get it to do exactly as in the video. But it will have to wait for Space and Star Wars. Was stuck on this level for hours. Thanks to all for tips! Did you go the video way, or straight to the little blockm Any comment from anyone in the high k range angyr be nice. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.


Piglantis birrs is a really challenging level! This iis exactly the same shot you need for a one birder, the variable is what falls and where it falls. Not a lot of clues on how people got much higher scores. One thing I like about ABSpace is that bidds least there you can wake those pigs up and make them look afraid, even if only for a brief moment. This strategy never gave me much points, but I finally managed the one-bird strategy with hitting near the sea shell at the top structure.

;iglantis nice score kathy! Debris should pop the treasure chest at the bottom…and the falling building should nick the right hand side of the main structure, bringing it down too the top boulder pilgantis slowly roll off and go to the bottom. I feel your pain!

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 1-12

What do you think is the problem playing on your Android device? Worked like a charm! I dropped my first egg in the water and sat back until the tide carried it to the sand stones on the far right. It is a fiendish level that usually requires numerous attempts. Green bird as in video, only that the toppled right tower broke the thin wooden pole supporting the middle structure.

Along with your comments in the walkthrough page of the strategy used… Now, it is a requirement to provide a screenshot of the Tally Score Page that appears when the level ends, instead of just a picture of the score showing in the level. He kinda angr hits the bottom now and rolls like a dud, lol ;- I guess it must have changed along the way with one of the updates to Seasons?

Excellent strategy e-starthanks! Toss the Orange bird into the water, avoiding the TNT, and expand right near the trident. Fire, drop, BOOM, wait…repeat. Sorry — my strat pgilantis to shoot YB through the helmet pig in the center — hit it just right and everything came down.


I managed to one-bird it by hitting the front of the structure.

The bird must cut through all these thick wooden planks 22 the one to the right of small pig. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

I destroyed the tower like the video said, but I used the Orange Bird to destroy the supports beside the small pig at the top of the level.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis 3 Stars Walkthrough

The difference in my score is likely 2-fold:. I guess Rovio had to make a choice on which bird to make a lot heavier!

I just stopped playing. Could NOT get this one until I saw the video.

I did it once, and was unable to repeat it. This one is the new iPad iPad 3 and this level crashes the game with the orange one angdy time.

For this to yield enough points the right side needs to collapse too, breaking the treasure chest and the pigs floating in the water below.

We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. I believe the best way is the high arc. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

So happy to virds the videos continue to be of help, love to help: You can also get further right in the structure with the lob to the top. Using their method, I keep destroying all the pigs with one piglsntis but not enough destruction to get beyond 98, Definitely a one birder though. Why does Bomb sink in Angry Birds Space? One twenty eight four fifty: I can see more potential too. See you along the way!! Yeppers time for a WwwwHhhhhiiinnnneeeeeee? Almost snapped my iPod just then…: