Ha ha ha ha ha. Walkthrough for Go Green, Get Lucky Thanx BL, and thanx for all the hard work at the Angry Birds Nest this Christmas, we are all aware that you all do a lot of work to keep this site up and updated, thank you all, and Merry Christmas and to everyone here too XXX. Thank you ohforfive for this excellent strategy, and e-star for the video. Or mayby my santa-ty. Thanks again e-star for the video and ohforfive for the art of the possible. I am just glad I can finally start paying you back for all of your Buster Keaton video skills that have helped me so much.

Happy dance at my house! Must find my boxing gloves now, I have Ham Em High, but doing my utmost to not open it until the Christmas ones finish!! Just 3 stared level 24 with a score of No foul language will be tolerated. Loft the White bird, bombing the hill so to ricochet into the red present and final pig. Thank you ohforfive for posting you strategy. Frustrating as I could be until seeing that. Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level Glitch.

I have been stuck on this level at 2 stars for over a week and a half!! I was well past the flag and closer to the mid section before I dropped the egg.

Android – Angry Birds Seasons – Season’s Greedings – – 73, – Andrew Mee

I had to watch the video posted by e-star to remember how it was done and managed to improve a good deal. Walkthrough for Hogs and Kisses My score was 86k after this one. Extra 10K for the last white bird: Walkthrough for Trick or Treat First bird was the same.


Glad I was able to help with teh descriptions. I sure would like to be able to replicate the destruction of the 3rd shot 2nd white bird.

Yes to anyone reading we are officially nutters. You never cease to amaze. Thank you ohforfive for posting you strategy. Watch this step-by-step Video Walkthrough, which may help and guide you through each and every level part of this game.

Those of you wo know me well, kniw that i am generally more systemstic. birvs

Where does WB hit the structure? They are also the ones I am at or below average.

This is a frustrating level to be sure!! Seasons Video Walkthroughs for Android called “Walkthrough for Seasons Greedings level ” and has been posted or updated on Jun 9, by scarbzscope.

Drop egg as close as possible to the structure. This level has driven me mad for over two months!

I can now give my clicking finger a much needed rest. The next level is no picnic either. And sorry bernersenn for sending him to yours. Improved my score by 10k! Thanks ohforfive for the strat, it helped me make a new video and up my score! Did it as per video but got all pigs on first shot.

This left me with one maybe both pig s on the bottom left, and the last column with pigs. This brings it down and releases the rope, which swings down destroying the 2 presents and the pig in the bell.


Android – Angry Birds Seasons – Season’s Greedings – 1-23 – 73,280 – Andrew Mee

The truth is that this levels drives me nuts, and Greedihgs was really just throwing things kind of randomly well, not completely randiomly. Loft the White bird, bombing the hill so to ricochet into the red present and final pig.

Always happy to help! This page contains Angry Birds: Second shot is over the ruins of the first structure but under the rope, clipping the first 2 pigs and tearing into the lowest level of the second structure.

Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough Season’s Greedings 1-23

No foul language will be tolerated. My shooting sucks too! First shot aimed almost straight up and accelerate as soon as you release it. What destruction do you get after 1st shot. Happy dance at my house! You want big red to barely clear front flag, or barely take it out. Not only smashing piggies to green bifds but thwarting the evil powah!!

Copyright – ChapterCheats. I have been replaying, trying to improve my scores.

Angry Birds Seasons Walkthrough Season’s Greedings ─░zle | Vidivodo

First bird I shot at a high angle. Easter 16 in seasons From: Doin the happy dance! All as in the video from e-star.