I can get him to wiggle down sometimes but still not get everything. Also, if you let the level sit, the pigs in the surf will eventually pop as they bounce off stuff. I kept getting k by simply waiting for the helmet pig to pop and then hitting the structure. Wish you could hurl disgruntled fowl at thieving piggies while simultaneously celebrating international holidays? This will cause a golden egg to pop up in the middle of the water, to the right of the catapult. I had a couple of one bird shots, but not enough destruction.

I agree with all the appreciation expressed above. GypsyBird — Your comments are dead-on. Yes… Thank you, I saw that already, but my screen where the number one is on the guide is a question mark, this is why iam confused please advise…. Thanks for the added detail. Any idea what might be happening? Yeah, I am not sure how it would get to the two pigs on the pedestals, unless somehow the TNT in the surf were to explode if it bounced off of something.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Golden Eggs Walkthroughs | AngryBirdsNest

Some debris also got the vase under water for a few extra points. Red bird in the corner but nothing happens …. I prefer a high-arc first fling aimed at the gap between the tallest tower and the tower to its left. But it’s somewhat summer-y, so we’ll let Rovio off. As noted, the right blocks, occasionally more, need to fall to the right and get all the pigs. Yeah, I am not sure how it would get to the two pigs on the pedestals, unless somehow the TNT in the surf were to explode if it bounced off egf something.

I uploaded the second shot of my trajectory.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

As I said, you are entitled to your opinion, but I believe that Angry Birds besides some Spacd levels is most valuably recorded zoomed in.

I work feverishly at every level to get three stars then come running over here to see how well I did compared to everybody else and to see if my strategy is the same as angr birdleader. So I reached it by accident: Doing so sends the tall tower to the right, and the other tower to the left which takes out the TNT. Getting 3 Stars can be fast for some levels but that still is not really the main challenge — raising the scores is what takes more time and patience. Occasionally, the pig under the TNT remained, but less times than with the walkthrough approach for me.


After that I spend couple of days in countless attempts to improve this score. I agree with both Slim and burbman here.

On the Tropical Paradise image above, you have a small statue with the star on the right, but no info how to get it….

Piglantis: The Angry Birds Seasons guide to Atlantis

Thank you for all your help on so many levels! I just downloaded seasons and was wondering how to find walkthroughs from the very beginning? Piglantis levels to Piglantis levels to There’s only one Golden Egg to hunt down in Piglantis, but it’s well hidden. You may see more at one time in zoomed out videos, but the are much more difficult to see fine details.

Seasonns achieved by launching Terrence in a high arc so that he comes down and wedges himself between the tallest tower and the one immediately to its left.

If GE 35, what score did you get? KUDOS for your great score! That makes Angry Birds such a fun and seasns game. Up to birxs person doing the recording to decide which way to go.

Note, you have to have unlocked the White Bird before the White Bird instruction screen will appear. I was looking for some more levels to play again: Then I followed the video, thinking it was the same method and boy I was wrong!

Once it’s yours, an egg will appear on the screen to the right of this season’s level list.

If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. I really do not understand what is going on. Rather than shooting over the TNT, I shot directly through it and into the wooden legs holding up the next structure. The shot with Terence must be very precise. When I typed the strategy I missed that surfcow had already posted it. It was only cold and cloudy and therefore I did not like Hamburg. That was wrong by a long shot if you can figure out the shot.


Time now seasona get back to watching cricket and rest the birds for a wee while. Nothing new to add other than a repeat hearty thank you for the strat masters above! Piblantis is still teasing me by leaving at least the little piggies on goolden bottom right — so the WB has to take those out. Or am I mixed up with the Seashell and this GE??

We are the go to place piglantia walkthroughs, news, and much more. But i finally improved 3k using your strat instead of the one bird wedge shot!!

The short tower and TNT were goolden taken out by big white bird and most of the debris fell into the waterd. I also clicked on? The worst scenario is when one or more of the little piggies on the bottom right are still smurking at me! I continued challenging it, and, for three hours, a convincible score was provided!

Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs Walkthroughs

You see more in zoomed-out videos. When I was entering all my scores here for the first time I was surprised to see me at 2 now 3. The game is almost completed, but these two golden eggs locations makes me go crazy.

Are you talking about bombing the treasure chest in or in GE liglantis Would someone please be so kind and tell me the location of these two golden eggs?

A good strategy for Piglantis level is to fire Terence rather flat, just over the TNT, to topple the trio-tower to the left.

This will make the Golden Egg pop on to go,den right. Zoomed in you can clearly see the egg float rightward into the seastar. There’s only one Golden Egg to hunt down in Piglantis, but it’s well hidden.