Joe, Thank you for your work. Bird 1 Ice Picker: Fire the Yellow bird low, straight through the left structure and the pigs within. I was just about to post this too… the 3 star link from leaderboard goes to the wrong level. Fluke really tho cos the whole right hand side structure blew by itself. By publishing your techniques, you show us what was possible for you.

Well anyway before I get carried away, my sincere thanks and appreciation for your posting, and if your still around, check out the Bloated Pig forum found in the drop down menu on the gold bar above in the community section: As soon as you fly over past the upper right corner of the first tower, tap the screen for the bird to break into three birds. I like your screenshots with strategy advices. I have played this level for about a week, many time throughout the day, and the right structure did not self destruct at any time. Birdeader, I can record on an iPad 2? After two of the flowers drops down, a small pebble from somewhere will land onto the TNT to blow everything to the left via domino effect, killing 4 pigs, including the one on the ground level between two black platforms.

The very next time I fired the blue bird, the far right structure collapsed. Sorry for the trouble, but the issue is out of our control. Have the birds separate at LATE as possible, sending one into the flowers and two into the rope.

Android – Angry Birds Seasons – Summer Pignic – 1-24 – 81,850 – Andrew Mee

Others take out rope and TNT. I believe the blue bird will take out both flowers and tnt killing all pigs but two and then you take out the last two pigs with yb. Birdeader, I can record on an iPad 2?

Yellow bird finishes off those 2. This will be my last strategy help post because too many people are seaskns doubts, calling me a cheater, and I feel offended.

Sorry, only have the first generation iPad. Opened the level and the TNT exploded, destroying the right hand side. I love your posts too and often when having trouble making three stars on the level, will look for them. On one attempt the first bird will knock down a lot in line with your description, on another attempt the second will, but putting both together may never happen for me. Launch the blue bird so when split, the top one goes with the flowers.


You post some oddball methods but if they work great! Aim yellow bird high into the flowers and it will roll into the tnt to wipe out right structure. There is no glitch here.

The score in the video below isAs noted before by many users, if you have a problem, post it on the forum and it will go away.

Please ignore those who seem to need to be negative and stick it out with the sometimes silent majority We are happy game lovers and appreciate your excellent information…. I like your screenshots with strategy advices.

In that randomness is the beauty. If you removed that, there would be less thrill for us when we get that perfect knock-down leading to total destruction.

I cannot seem to get more that 88k on this one but I am at least aiming for 90k…. The same thing is happening on my Android. For every one person that comments there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of others who will have transparently benefited by your detailed walkthrough.

Maybe they fixed it but maybe the next player will have the fall and obtain a score in k range. What does it do? Got a score of I just temporarily switched ABN back to the old code, which I believe should resolve the problem for now.

Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic Level 1-24 Walkthrough

It is very easy to confirm these scores are angru. I was just about to post this too… the 3 star link from leaderboard goes to the wrong level.

If you took the time to do this, there would be no problem.

I play on an iPod Touch and had four instances of the vine or something detonating the TNT while my blue bird s are in the air. Same thing; two birds andI play on an Android phone sdasons I have been trying to just get 3 stars on this level; it was driving me crazy.


FYI to you guys who asked me to upload a video, unfortunately, no can do. You can record pignix an iPad 2 without jailbreaking, but the hardware required is a bit pricey. LootCroot Very keen observation.

Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic » Angry Birds 3 étoiles – Angry Birds 3 étoiles

Just post a video on youtube of you entering the game and then entering the level. This takes out all of the pigs except the two small ones. The fifth episode was originally slated for October, but Rovio has removed those time commitments.

I can confirm I saw the right structure auto collapsing 3 times on iPad. Joe or anyone, reallyquestion: Fluke really tho cos the whole right hand side structure blew by itself. Yesterday, I only bieds that there was something unclear or unexplained smumer your last description. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

Thank you for this as it made reaching scores in the 90k range much more consistent and easy. Then it always goes for the TNT with a chance of the whole right section to fall. It is the passion we have about these things which make this board so strong, and which make AB a perennial top game in ;ignic App stores. Right structure collapsed on its own after 20 seconds, with 1st bird to take out the closest 2 pigs. We are angty aware of the randomness within AB. Break it apart so that oignic of the birds hits the flowers.

This method got me Shoot the blue bird all the way to the right. The last couple of days, people have asked reasonable questions about your methods.