Ah Ok, fair enough. An example of this is Araragi Koyomi, our main male protagonist. Oh, and yeah, gief Kizumonogatari. We desperately need Koyomi Vamp animated. He criticizes El Gato! Anyways, I still enjoyed it.

I like the rolled-up sleeves school uniform look. Love the look on Senjougahara as she stares at the cutout of mini-Otonashishi. Hm, I don’t really feel satisfied with the ending Right facing swastika as a religious symbol… the other swastika faces the opposite way. Create Recordings and be part of the Smule community! I changed my score from a 10 to a 9. Why is he bleeding where she licks him?

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Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. And since she cannot stop Koyomi, she has to put a smiling face and wait. Sing and be part of ba,emonogatari Smule community!

I would argue, in fact, that it is the most important factor in how we feel as the audience when watching any particular scene. Just love everything about this show from the Charcters, the plot, the art to the soundtrack.

Other humans, from time to time, would be shown as graphics or be alluded to, but not shown.

Two, Shinobu deus ex machina ending. But for Bakemonogatari anime, you guys can stop guessing whether she will speak or not because she simply won’t. And, really, Hanekawa might too… should would at least consider the threesome idea if Araragi proposed it to her.


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What fascinates me most about the plot of Bakemonogatari is how well it works to tell these stories. If you have been reading my reviews at all, you can probably guess what the first one is. Both of them taught me it will waste your time, energy and made you have misfortune. He tried to lick her! And I learned something valuable bajemonogatari this anime.

Bakemonogatari Episode 15 Discussion

He took a serious beating, and he can still only think of his beloved. Ariaragi actually surprised me in this final episode. Like most aspects of the show, the music is episod tailored to create a particular mood and tone based upon character interaction. No background characters ever appeared. An example of this is Araragi Koyomi, our main male protagonist.

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Bakemonigatari story couldn’t really go an other way anymore, so I’m content with the presentation. They were confusing is the best way I can put it. I like the rolled-up sleeves school uniform look. Unfortunately, the FIFA ref watching the episode with me says no foul.

Worst part about this ending? Report Community Eoisode Copyright Infringement. Shit last episode anime is shit. Yes, Shinobu spoke in the drama cds. Mehthe episode was booring except for Shinobu’s short moment.


The use of different angles, distances, and points of view bakemonogatqri varied and serve as both a mood-setter much like the art itself as well as a way to enhance the dialogue and hold viewer interest.

I would have green lighted season two of Bakemonogatarireign in Shaft being Shaft moments, put some underwear on Shinobu, and try hard to get this show on Sci-Fi Channel, even if it means partially cutting nakkidness. The sound was excellent, very high quality, and nothing stood out as annoying.

I need to be Czar of Anime Episode Counts. Every character in Bakemonogatari changes and evolves, they mature.

To the bakemoongatari of the music, I would say mostly yes. If you do not wish to leave, it will become a fortress. Can’t say the same for animation, though.

Bakemonogatari Episode 15 Disc It worked so well for the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise! Actually, it’s kind of funny 8D Anyway, yeah, I kind of want closure already, so I can’t wait balemonogatari it’s wholly subbed.