Click here or the picture to see the […] mikeylatley. Watch the clips below. Once that teammate is released those two must use bolt cutters to create a hole in a chain link fence, to free the third teammate, those three team members would then get a ladder to throw over a wooden wall to free the fourth teammate, the four teammates would then knock the solid concrete wall into pieces using a sledgehammer to free the fifth teammate, those five teammates would then use the battering ram to bust the metal door and free the sixth teammate. Janelle becomes frustrated with Alicia for taking her position as the center. Watch below for the sneak peak. With a strong strategy Mehgan wins against Shelly, and is the winner of the Battle Challenge. Janelle tries to persuade Mehgan to keep Rocky, but Mehgan is obstinate to nominate Camilla and Rocky.

Elease sticks to her alliance, voting for Janelle to be put up for elimination. Shelly puts up little effort to win, and goes to cheer on Rocky during the challenge. And lets just say not all the bad girls are able to cope with that. The final round is called Wrap Up. Elease 6 of 6 votes to eliminate. Bad Girls All Star Battle is coming to an end. Camilla announces she will not plead her case to Mehgan during a conversation with Nancy.

The Red Team pushes their way to victory, leaving the Gold Team to nominate two of their teammates for elimination. Bad Girls Club […].

Embed this content in your HTML. Rocky wins her second Battle Challenge, and is annoyed with Shelly’s performance and reliance on their alliance. Elease decides to plea with the Gold Team and during elimination Elimniation gets emotional as she is eliminated.


Mikey Lately Show » bad girls all star battle

For the Captain’s Challenge the girls are assigned a male partner to hang onto while he is harnessed onto a crane held over a harbor testing their endurance and strength. As the episode starts Sarah, Tiana, and Rocky discuss what’s to come and that they will eventually have to vote each eipsode out. Watch what happens on this weeks episode by click [here] or eliminafion picture. Are you the publisher? Shelly worries she won’t win, and relies on her Red Team alliance to save her if she’s unable to.

The first round is called Push Over. Elease is eliminated from the competition with a unanimous decision.

Sarah injures herself causing Mehgan to confront Sarah and the two almost end up in an altercation. The current record for most wins is by Florina Kaja at 5 wins. Elease and Mehgan hold the record this season for being put up for elimination the most times being 3 times.

The Red team worry about Elease’s loyalty to them because of her interactions with the Gold Team.

Rocky unsure who to nominate is stuck between Elease, Mehgan, and Nancy to go up for nomination. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elease elimunation to explain herself to Camilla which ends with up into a physical altercation.

Check it out below. If she wins… Never mind. During elimination, as Camilla makes her exit she attacks Elease from behind.

During a visit to the club, Sarah notices a surprising new found bond between Mehgan and Shelly, meanwhile Valentina spirals out of control after too many drinks. The final round is called Wrap Up.


The referee flips a coin and the Gold Team starts the game.

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Elease is now a target to both teams. The first winner would be captain of the Gold Team, and second winner captain of the Red Team. For the Tug Of WeaveTeam Challenge each team must collect weaves in a one-on-one freestyle tug of war inside a sandpit. Giving You The Daily Scoop.

Camilla and Rocky win Captain’s challenge and select members to be a part of the Red and Gold teams. Once every barrier is broken, the team that rings the bell first wins the Team Challenge. Check out two sneak peeks of next weeks brand new episode below.

From the previous challenge, Amy suffers injuries on her legs. Old eliminnation Camilla, Danni, and Amy immediately form an alliance, which Valentina suspects and plans to disband. Andrea Bowman, Bad […] mikeylatley. Check out some pictures below. From previous elimination, the Gold teams feels relieved.

Mikey Lately Show » bad girls all star battle

Stephanie gets eliminated eliminxtion after Tiana confronts Elease for being in alliance with the Gold Team. The girls head to the “Battle Bowl” Team Challenge, which Ray J instructs the girls will play a game of flag football in the mud.

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