He also notes that it is fruitful to look at what the relationship does rather than what it means and how gender and sexuality, as lived categories and analytic approaches, help constitute the other while remaining distinct. However, while this is applicable to North American and some conceptualisations in Bugis society, in India genitals underpin hijra identity; the lack of a functioning penis defines the potential hijra Nanda, At the La Galigo conference held in Sulawesi one speaker gave a folk etymology arguing that the term bissu is a derivative of the Bugis word mabessi clean. The island is the eleventh largest in the world and it is home to around fifteen million people speaking over fifty different languages. A sworn-virgin may even be given equal rights to a man. A gender continuum allows interrogatation of ways erotic desire, gender, and biology impact upon each other. As such, I was frequently left to chat and drink tea with men. Entwined in such discourses are dramaturgical ideas of acting out a particular role.

In Bugis South Sulawesi the roles an individual assumes in sexual encounters are also a consideration in gender formation. The two women were then taken to the doctor to be inspected, highlighting the importance of the physical body in ascertaining marriage legitimacy. There is a good deal of literature on the topic of being trapped in the wrong body and desires to change it e. One of the studies focuses on female- born individuals, one focuses on androgynously bodied individuals, and the remaining three focus on male-born individuals. While West and Zimmerman gave a powerful early account of gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in everyday interaction, arguably the most influential theorist in respect to performativity has been Judith Butler ; , even though as Prosser By acknowledging that her informants did not always identify themselves as third-sex individuals, but instead adopted cultural symbols that were a combination of masculine and feminine, Reddy To this end, WIAS books draw on a wide range of disciplines including anthropology, sociology, political science, cultural studies and history. The notion of liminality is useful in some respects in understanding gender multiplicity in Bugis South Sulawesi.

For instance, as females, women are able and expected to bear children. It is only within the Indonesian regulatory schema of gender that Indonesian bodies thus become knowable. In a similar way, Kessler writes of the wide range of intersex conditions that challenge the notion of just two sexes, calling for a broader view of sex that recognises intermediate states. However, lines are involved in romantic relationships with female- elisode individuals I discuss lines subject positions in more depth in Chapter Five.


Debates around the use of terms, and whether concepts like transgender, which as Roen notes is usually revered for its all-inclusiveness, can work cross-culturally, have sparked numerous debates e. Calabai are amazing hebat hey!

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Some societies maintain a binaristic gender model by relocating individuals who assume cross- gender behaviour into the opposite gender category e. Moreover, as Boellstorff a: There are, however, limitations in applying the notion of liminality, as employed by Besnier, to Bugis South Sulawesi.

For this and other points outlined above there are reasons for considering Bugis society to be constituted by multiple gender identities. I make occassional use of the term queer in this book. As mentioned earlier, waria is an amalgamation of wanita woman and pria man. While a body of literature has emerged concerning lesbian, gay and queer issues in the West, and there is an increasing range of literature about same-sex experiences of male-bodied individuals outside the West, there are still relatively few studies that deal with the same-sex attractions, experiences, and lifestyles of women outside the West.

Indonesia has adapted the term jender, although more frequently the phrase jenis kelamin type of sex organ is used Adamson, As a result it is not possible to feel caught in the wrong body.

With the women of course, I am [biologically] a woman after all! Similarly, Puang Nasah, a Bugis man of noble descent, notes: Frequently used non-English words appear in the Glossary.

By acknowledging that her informants did not always identify themselves as third-sex individuals, but instead adopted cultural symbols that were a combination of masculine and feminine, Reddy While bissu may appear male, cultural meanings attached to gender and bodies enable consideration of bissu as beings that merge male and female attributes showing how culture creates somatic facts. Monro also outlines notions of a gender spectrum model, while Jackson a provides comparative spectral insights into Thai understandings of the body.

Some scholars have suggested a multiple sex paradigm for understanding such notions of the sexed body. Locating identities that conform to these ideals at either end of a continuum is possible.


Nanda describes hijra as being neither man nor woman, neither male nor female. Despite its shortcomings, transgender seems a useful heuristic term to indicate subjects who appropriate, modify, extend, and manipulate normative gender categories.

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Then I had to run away and get away from my hometown of Sengkang. Gender for Kodi of West Sumba, Indonesia, is developed by modalities of movement where male is active and mobile and female is stable and unmoving.

Scattered throughout the Balkans, the communities where sworn-virgins live are, by most accounts, strongly patriarchal. Indeed, in writing about the incommensurability between being Muslim in Indonesia and being homosexual, Boellstorff a: Nor is it an alternative role behavior for non-traditional individuals who are still considered men or women.

How, then, are calalai to be conceptualised? Chapter Five, Calalai Subject Positions, focuses on transgender females. Arlene Stein further reflects on the relationship of gender to sexuality by way of examining her teaching of the sociology of sexuality over the past fifteen years.

Rather, they, along with man, woman, tom and dee are collectively considered different varieties of phet. However, being a single woman living with a host-family meant that it was often difficult for me to access particular nighttime events, such as visiting nightclubs or hanging out in public spaces after dark. The chapter explores bissu caiep, becoming bissu, being bissu, and the relationships between bissu and Islam.

To help ensure this, I explore specific ethnographic examples and analyse how scholars have theorised particular gender variance. There is a seeming paradox here: Ten years on, most works published today on queer theory would almost certainly include material on transgender, a fact brought about by the increasing proliferation of writings by and about transpeople and about transgender issues. Moreover, biological sex was thought to determine personality and character e.

Many hijra see themselves as not only a third sex, but also a third gender.