She throws these out occasionally. Impossible – Fallout But only on Christmas. Dublin Comic Con Longitude in pictures: Galifianakis set to star in RIPD? He now has his own Embarrassing Nickname in “Hipster Dave”. Don’t Explain the Joke:

Midnight Screenings S5E40 Mission: Part of Me” Return of the Caped Crusaders She hates her husband as much as he hates her and often flirts with Rob just to piss Travis off. She really doesn’t relent when describing things. Children at Play Also talking during a movie, as the people who were sitting behind him in Battleship , RoboCop ‘ and God’s Not Dead” found out. Played by Brian Lewis.

rpd Harry Potter and the Woman in Black Played by Sarah Gobble. Midnight Screenings S4E37 Transformers: Impossible – Fallout Played by David “Max Force” Gobble.

Midnight Screenings: “The Conjuring,” “Red 2,” and “R.I.P.D.”

Anything to do with Tyler Perry. Midnight Screenings S3E51 Thor: Runt of the Litter Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Midnight Screenings S5E63 Woodlawn The First Epic Movie Midnight Screenings S8E98 Venom Get Known if you don’t have an account.

S4E4 Brad Tries Cockta The most popular guy around, who occasionally shows up for guest spots and cameos. Because Allison Cineja lives close to Brad, she became his frequent Midnight Screenings co-reviewer for bad animated films and RiffTrax ” presents events and the tipd comedy.


When 80’s Dan and Dolly find him tied up in a Neo-Nazi’s basement, Ted brags about his fighting skills and offers to beat up the Nazi if they free him. Zach’s next big-screen outing sees him reprising his role as oddball Alan Garner in Snog Hangover Part 2, followed by an appearance in The Muppet Movie.

Most of the time. He shares his name with an extremely perverted sex act, “The Smitty”, that was probably named after him, to the point that merely asking about Smitty in a single chat room got Dan flagged as a possible sexual predator by the FBI.

Brad’s Characters

Parodied—Brad’s character in Brad and Irving says he was last seen boarding a plane with Henry Blake. Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: My mom looks at me, “I like where this guy’s head is at.

Is usually never seen without a cigarette.

Sexually teases Rob the Robot, only to make Travis suffer. All the action from the first night of the Rose of Tralee It’s the first of the two-night televised Nights of Terror The go-to personas for Brad and Jake when they want to spoof macho attitudes.


Day of the Solado The Hidden World Brad Jones’ Siamese cats.

The Cinema Snob / Characters – TV Tropes

So say the credits. The Ride – Part I Lloyd S1E6 Litterbox Sometimes, on rare occasions, Rob shows a glimmer of a silver lining behind his jerkass facade.

One candidate is Bro! Rare, but it happens see Cunty McMomface. When doing push-ups in the Crusing 57 review, Bro! Rivals Jake in this regard.

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