It also looks and feels like it was shot on gopro cameras and there is a sound echo problem near the start. This is a week of horror comedies for me, it seems. Nasim Pedrad as Rebekkah. Use the HTML below. Elijah Wood as Clint. Maybe he was busy with ‘Pixels? I’m not saying that either of these are great or mind-blowing, but the film finds a good balance between the two that, I think, is really hard to achieve for a lot of people. Crazy little film that is funny but terribly uneven.

Boni Yanagisawa as Miss Nash. The characters are tough to care about and yet they get more of the center of this film. There are no interesting reveals, plot twists, character revelations–nothing. So yea, I know not everyone will like this movie, as evidenced by the reception, but I had a blast watching this so, to me, this is an easy recommendation as a rental. In one scene, maybe in that discotheque playground, or somewhere I thought Katy Perry was lying murdered! It robs itself of any weight that the scene carried.

As far as horror films go, this might have one of the better casts of Cooties has its problems, but for fans of the genre, it’s mostly good bloody fun.

Chifken little film that is funny but cbicken uneven. The stand out one, at least for me, had to be Cooper Roth who played a kid named Patriot and gave me one of the bigger laughs in a pretty solidly funny movie on his name alone.

Wade notices Clint has been scratched by Shelly and quarantines him, Doug deducing that Clint is only experiencing symptoms of stomach flu as the virus does not affect adults like it does children. The best part is that the movie is rated R which means nothing gets held back as these teachers beat the crap out of their undead students.

This movie is very original with a slight homage to Tromas Beware! I enjoyed this movie because of its novel twist on the zombie tale– children are the zombies. Cooties film really looked as if it were to be a great funny film, well in some case it is. In fact ‘boring’ is a great way to sum up this movie, and I was extremely bored before the first third of the film was completed. Retrieved January 18, Don’t have an account? Goofs At the beginning of the movie, a girl is seen eating chicken nuggets.


Cooties: Infected Chicken Nuggets

A delicious treat for gorehounds, as well as those who survived elementary school as a child or an adult. The film opened in Malaysia on September A nugggets virus hits an elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. Wade uses a massive beach ball to barricade the children inside while spraying them with ckoties water gun filled with gasoline, ckoties the gasoline trail to burn the building down.

And let’s face it. Every joke in this movie is clever and thought out. The group sends Clint through the ventilation system to get a chocolate bar for Calvin, along with Wade’s truck keys and their cellphones. It smartly blurs the line between pint-sized terror and flesh-eating hellion because really, who can tell sometimes? Movies watched in Because it tells me nugget somewhere out there is a person or persons who actually enjoyed ‘Cooties. And even though a good deal of what we see, we have seen before, it’s done in its own way that just makes it entertaining.

Was this review helpful moive you? Retrieved December 30, Fortunately, the team behind Cooties —which includes Saw creator Leigh Whannell and Glee creator Ian Brennan—manage to pit comedy and horror together in a satisfying package.

It should have heightened more of its creativity; the tricycle girl is great, but how about an infected baby? It also looks and feels like it was shot on gopro cameras and there is a sound echo problem near the start. In fairness the final ten minutes does pick up the pace, and just when you think “Cooties” might be headed in the right direction, it implodes with a disastrously idiotic finale.

It didn’t have a surreal enough feel to it because the story was so localized. Having him comeback a couple minutes later makes his sacrifice completely meaningless.


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The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 18,[3] before being released on September 18,in a limited release and through video on demand by Lionsgate Premiere. Sep 18, Rating: Clint throws his novel in the fire and tells Lucy that cootirs is not a writer and says he is actually a teacher, living in Fort.

What could have been an amusing and entertaining zombie flick is, instead, a slog. I just wish it had more of everything.

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On the opposite, Cooties prefers to focus on the interaction between the teachers during their terrifying situation, and that strategy improves the film Still a good ride though. May 25, Rating: More times then not this is for the best because, simply put, they are horrible actors.

Saddled with a not especially amusing script, the actors seize whatever opportunities they can to inject some much-needed personality into the picture.

Expect a lot of blood and gore with this one. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The scene is cootiew to be shocking and funny. I hope your health movi covers cootie shots! The characters are tough to nuggehs about and yet they get more of the center of this film. While directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion want to have their laughs and horror, too, the film is something of a zombie itself: I was really excited for this one.

The best way to describe this awful film, is that it’s something you’d expect from Adam Sandler – and I’m curious how and why he missed the boat here. Rainn Wilson as Wade. Carnival music begins playing as three managers from an amusement park, a theater and a family fun center, respectively, get the chicken nugget boxes out of a truck carrying them.