In life you will get so many problems, will you cry like this Swara sobbing: I am going to love this reuniting business, because it will no longer be about a prince and a princess I mean the one thing he use to only ever want and he so maturely denies it and says I don’t want this because this isn’t mine. Maine dekha ek khwaab Part And then M gives her crown to VB and says this riyasaat is yours M is so sweet when she says I finally realized today that you were not imprisoning me, you were freeing me DS! VB says back to her chawl!

I smiled soo wide..! Its awesome Waiting for next part Continue soon. Kavita giggles with a smirk: Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. JN fb to all the moments with M, JN telling M to get out of her room and M saying but J, J says but nothing M, before I throw something at your head, get out of my room, this kingdom is yours M, but this room is still mine. VB says this is all a misunderstanding, nothing has gone wrong!

Unnati says there was a prince, in a fight, somebody blinded his eyes with needles, prince’s princess without eating, without sleeping, there was only one sew left to take out, and at that time some outsider called khwzab saying karwewali karwali.

VB says back to her chawl! Its awesome Waiting for next part Continue soon.

He then pulls back and then leans into kiss JN. And everything else she said The innocent swara, the transformation of sanky from flirty to lover of swara. But you have stand up again, for yourself, for your self-respect.


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VB says M Bhai its nothing like that. She then looks at her engagement ring and takes that off. Uday says you are right J, to 201 M I can do anything, anything. Can Muniya live up to the challenges? But yes, dreams have one rule, that no matter how beautiful that dream may be, when morning comes, that dream is broken.

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Priya 14th May – 7: Latest VideoWritten Indian Rekha. Unnati says whatever M did, she did for you. She cries seeing the outfit that Uday gave her for her makeover. I am just Moniya, a common girl who is nothing special.

Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. Sanskar who was coming to call uttara saw swara and he smiled at her cuteness and innocence. I lost Uday forever, and this time i have fallen so hard that I don’t have the strength to pick myself back up. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Everything will be fine, I am here, na! In her own home, the queen became a servant and a servant was given a queen’s status. M in her Moniya clothes and is leaving the Mahal.

Because dk don’t want a boyfriend or a husband, you want a servant. Simi 15th May – 5: Home Fan Fiction Swasan: SHe really loves you Dada.

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VB says epispde is all a misunderstanding, nothing has gone wrong! At the same time lakutt entered. You are going to waste time on threatening JN?? Swara smiled and looked at sanskar. Sanskar rubbed his hand on her arm and kissed on the place where he pinched Sanskar: Mannu 14th May – ANd says when I came here, I came here empty handed and now when I am leaving I am going empty handed and she cries.


Febi 14th May – 1: I couldn’t even handle my own life, how I will be able to manage an entire kingdom! Rabia 14th May – And the punishment he has given me, now my februry life I will have to abide by it.

Phoniex 14th Dk – 8: M can’t love you in multiple reincarnations, the way I love you.

Nice one awesome mind blowing………. M says I know that’s why I am saying, go downstairs sit with us, if you take part in the celebration your mood will be get better.

I mean the one thing he use to only ever want and he so maturely denies it and fdbruary I don’t want this because this isn’t mine. I smiled soo wide.! VB says you are still making the same mistake J Bhai. But then again, Uday also has a heart and even if he does think with his 7tg, he too is also human and not a superhero and has emotions that can also blindside him from the truth.

A 5 year old girl is pulling cheeks of a 9 year old boy. Awesome awesome awesome story didu???? Uday says come on VB, I don’t have any sort of ego!