Holly looks like she’s going fishing for crying out loud! Log in No account? Rehearsal continues with the group number, which is supposed to be about immigration. Dance Moms hasn’t changed after all this time and I hate the way Abby talks to the kids and the parents don’t step in. Abby will be giving her opinion on the dances so far from this season. This show is way better and i love the parent’s personalities ecspecially JJ’s lol. Maddie doesn’t even have the facial, it’s the look of constipation.

Interestingly, Sophia is at the top of the pyramid, but she’s not at the studio – she’s in LA, shooting a movie, which Abby says is just another feather in her cap. Oh that infuriated me. Rehearsal continues with the group number, which is supposed to be about immigration. Do you watch Dance Moms? The kids are the true stars. I cant find anywhere to watch it: I actually like this show better than Dance Moms at this point. I’m like omg stop.

Though Maddie has eepisode duet with Kendall, there’s more than a tinge of sarcasm when Melissa says her daughter is “tickled pink! Don’t ya hate it when kids are smarter than their parents? When it’s Paige’s turn, Kelly is nervous for her, but the other moms assure her that Abby will be in a good mood because Kelly cleaned out her garage.

I had no idea this kind of dance competition existed, so it’s new and exciting. That’s pretty good,” says Abby. I dwlishows this show!

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See, the difference is that Sophia missed practice because she was shooting a movie. At the Solo and Duet awards, Mackenzie takes deljshows top prize, with Paige coming in third in her division. Rehearsal continues with the group number, which is supposed to be about immigration. They were so bland. My youtube version of the Cancer Special has been taken down. What were you thinking?!


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The Moms, as they often do, are getting their best gossip out in the parking lot, where Jill is reinventing history and telling Christi and Kelly that she very innocently went in to THANK Abby for the duet don’t dellshows guys, my DVR didn’t catch that part of the convo either and instead found out that Melissa said she didn’t want to do the duet. All of the confession images and graphics on this site have been put together by our hard working admins, please do not steal them or claim mom as your zeason.

Christi refuses to touch anything with her bare hands. The “Voyage Home” group dance goes pretty well. It’s such a tough thing for anyone to go through – even if you get to say goodbye. Sickling is the reverse and is uncalled for in dance Anonymous. Images and information on this blog are copyright to their respectful owners.

She’s got lemons on her head. Kelly’s contract was breached with the fight, but Christi and Chloe are contractually obligated to do the show until their contract runs out.

I really hope they don’t fall off, especially after Abby reminds her about the bow that slipped off during her last solo. Anyone watch Dance Moms? That doesn’t put ANY feathers in Abby’s cap! Unlike Abby Lee Miller, who prefers to teach her students from the sidelines, Dancing Dolls coach Dianna Williams has a long history of dance training and can do more than just choreograph a winning number. Oh that infuriated me. And then we get the “ya busted!

Where can I steam it? If you live somewhere else like me! After all, we’ve got the duet to deal with! I had to quit Dance Moms after that bitch checked the scores when Chloe got first place and Maddie got second.

I watch Dance Moms on www. Dance Moms hasn’t changed after all this time and I hate the way Abby talks to the kids and the parents don’t step in. My mom has been forcing me to be a dancer since I was three. This show is 10x better than Dance Moms. Oops – seems Miss Brooke only spent ONE day at the studio over the weekend after she didn’t travel to the competition.


I’m pretty sure the damn thing was a dragon.


I don’t like the way she treats everyone but Maddie and family. Related Questions Where can I watch dance moms episode 4 online?!?!?!?!?!? You can see the love that she has for them.

Abby’s garage looks a lot like yours – cardboard boxes teetering precariously, Tupperware containers stacked to the ceiling, difficult to tell what animal might be burrowed under the stacks, having never been exposed to the light of day. With things on it. I started watching this and the next thing I know I was watching all of the episodes I missed.

Go back to the previous page. Actually, she called her Sophie. Do you watch Dance Moms? You should replace dance moms with this show. Every time Melissa cried I rolled my eyes.

And whenever she gets called out for it, she is quick to use the excuse that choregraphers, etc. Anonymous usually a day or two after the episode: I have no idea but this show is fantastic. Chloe is better and there’s something more organic with her as opposed to Maddie. Her mother on the other hand Anonymous Promo for season 4.

It takes me hours to get this way.