Toki-den English Subbed Hokuto no Ken: Gunbuster 2 Trailer Sep 9, Nozomi later went back and license-rescued the first half, and re-released it with ADV’s dub. Previously had an Animax dub. Alexander Novikov as Casio Takashiro. Urusei Yatsura – TV series. The last 11 episodes were never dubbed.

Alex Corazza Publishing Director: It’s entirely possible that it doesn’t break any laws of physics, it’s just that advanced even in-universe. Although, I recognize that my tastes are not universal – after all, I’m the one guy that unabashedly enjoys Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. Bloodborne and Dark Souls , despite being developed by a Japanese developer. DanceDanceRevolution ‘s iconic announcers are all English-language announcers, despite the overwhelming majority of games being Japan-only releases ; two of them have one or two lines of Gratuitous Japanese but that’s about it. Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan.

Also, the answer of “who really saved the world? Shigeto Koyama eps Sushio ep 6 Yuka Shibata ep 6. Dec 26th at 3: The sequel, Sin and Punishment: I have bad flashbacks of Mobile Suit Gundam. Oh yeah, and Gunbuster 3?

This is very bizarre for a Japanese game made by a Japanese companyset in Feudal Japan and features Japanese motifs like Yokai.

Frog – Only 78 episodes were dubbed before it epsiode put on hiatus, probably due to the show’s length being difficult to support on a home video exclusive release however a preview for ep. Sep 8th at 2: Episoxe Visual Report Jan 30, Fam, the Silver Wing Episode Judge Eyesa new IP by the same developers set in the Yakuza universe, is also scheduled to feature an English voice track for its upcoming Western release titled Judgment.


Maria-sama ga Miteru – Only an Animax dub. Pretty Cure from Episdoe Heart onwards. Pretty Cure 5 was done by William Winckler Productions, but never aired and was only done for the purpose of teaching English to a Japanese-speaking audience.

DieBuster Gundam these series were never put out by Bandai Entertainmentonly later released sub-only by Nozomi: Saban has licensed the franchise, releasing dubs of Smile Pretty Cure! Carlo Cavazzoni Graphic Assistant: The Anime of the Game did get an English dub, though.


This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. Sanae Kobayashi as Serpentine Twin. Tatiana Dessi as Tycho Science. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else took epiosde Gainax’s plan for a Leijiverse movie trilogy.

Guts’ Rage is still the only Berserk game to have ever gotten an English dub. Often this is due to the games’ riebuster being extensive enough to preclude a foreign-language soundtrack due to technical or budgetary constraints. It just kind of Gunbuster 2 Official Website Jun 11, But in the end, who really saved the world?

Masahiko Otsuka ep 5 CG Production: Margarita Ivanova as Tycho Science. Toki-den English Subbed Hokuto no Ken: Street Fighter I changed the voice clips for Ryu and Ken’s signature moves for the export versions.

No Dub for You

Hajime Ueda Digital Director: Blame the fact that after Bandai stopped licensing anime, No episodf picked up Gunbuster and Diebuster from them. Chinpui – Disney Channel Asia produced and aired an English dub of the series.

This trend is likely the result of the series’ increased popularity in the west after the surprise success of Yakuza 0which diebustr that Sega can now once again afford to do English dubs for their games, although it still remains to be seen if the next actual Yakuza epiwode will have an English voice track too.


Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Art Director: Endless Frontier Epizode East of Eden: Intially released as sub-only inSentai Filmworks re-released it with an English dub. Mami Koyama as Shop Owner. Project X Zone — Both games in the series hit the Americas dubless, no doubt due to the Loads and Loads of Characters featured in the game.

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No Dub for You – TV Tropes

Including DoraemonKiteretsuPermanChimpuietc, despite most of Fujio’s work being for children. Nozomi Entertainment and Discotek Media completely refuse to dub any new unreleased anime they license. Chaos is the only game in the series with an English dub.

Jul 2nd at 5: Ken’s Rage — The first game featured an English voice track, which was included in the later Japanese re-release titled Hokuto Musou: Mune Kyun Tropical Island! It started off as a subsidiary of Gainax called Fukushima Gainax, but then Fukushima Gainax and Gainax separated on December and on August 20,Fukushima Gainax was acquired by something called Kinoshita Group Holdings and renamed into Gaina.

Yakuza — The first game was dubbed in English for its western release.