The third DVC short was “The Dogville Murder Case” aka “Who Killed Rover” released in early , this short happends to be the most strangest and most bizzare short in the entire series. Props were attached to the animals’ paws with double-sided tape and they were manipulated, like puppets, with fish wire. Last edited by Harold Aherne on Sat Sep 18, 5: Are these shorts funny, you ask? Back in the old days, studios sometimes tended to get a little experimental with their short subjects. The Joe McDoakes shorts are actually pretty funny.

Give me a break. College Hounds , 16 minutes This Dogville comedy is a spoof of college football movies. Dubbing and sound effects are well-done considering that talking pictures were still in their infancy, and the editing is snappy and cartoon-like. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Watch how the dogs actually play the game, it is very interesting, while some of the dog has wires attached to their jeresys and watch them throw and run and tackle, it amazing how they pulled the segement off. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

These Dogville shorts are the rarest pieces of film that you’ll ever see and these shorts may not be shown for a very long time, so I urge everyone to tape the DVC tomorrow night and everything else for the month long tribute to short subjects!

When she worries that her husband might show up and catch them together, he brags, “I’ve been chased by some of the best husbands in town! This too was a chapter in the annals of Hollywood Babylon. Nelson And let me know what everybody thought of the films Now before you see this series, I have taken the time out to explain this history of this controversial series.

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Guess I’ll have to wait till next Tuesday. I remembered to record it, but I made the mistake of using a video that only had about a half hour left on it!

Of course the whole town is talking and when the husband shows up, his wife kills him in cold blood and ends up on trial for murder. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Underworld beer king “Scartail” Growler hires Oscar to slip some gin dogvilel the D. Renee Renfro New Member.

The Complete History Of The “Dogville” Comedies

Instead, trained dogs were used to act out scenes in parody of contemporary actors of the time. If he has been a flop, he sneaks off to a dark corner. Greg Method Square Dance Caller. There is a lot about gin-drinking because the year filmed was a prohibition year.


Dogville Comedies

Hot Dog otherwise known as “All Barkies” envolves a speakeasy and a cabaret murder in which a jealous husband finds out that his wife is committing adultrey with a lavish playboy. The image of three dogs lip-synching to the Brox Sisters’ rendition of “Singin’ in the Rain” appears peculiar when viewed on its own; when understood as a specific parody of a film or cultural phenomenon as with other Dogville routines dovville, there is more humour evident–to me, if no one else.

I’m too lazy to spout off more about dogvillle Dogville shorts, so I’ll leave it to others. I never knew him but my dad barely remembers him. The dogs’ names were mentioned and their personalities discussed; some had been working on the screen for several years. Trader Houndwhich is literally dog eat dog, as a group of dogs on a rescue mission into the jungle run into a group of cannibal canines.

Pleae don’t tell me you think people are more civil nowadays?

Whenever I am chatting up my favorite film oddities, my favorite go-to for a fun discussion is the infamous Dogville shorts, which are available thanks to the great folks at the Warner Archives. I listened closely afterward, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him I can’t wait to see what else TCM is going to have up their sleeves.

He said “This was the first time in 11 year that a comedy has stopped my show” and even a Philadelphia critic quoted by saying “The funniest comedies that has been produced sine the birth of the “Talkies”.

In when MGM was putting actual talking soundtracks to thier short subjects and contacted White Myers to come up with a series about actual talking, walking dogs dressed up as humans. In it, Rover gets kidnapped from greedy relatives and is about to be bumped of by sitting in an upright postion with a huge safe dangling from his head.

Fred “Screw the men. So get your blank videos and VCR’s ready and watch with enjoyment when seeing the “Dogville comedies” and you won’t be disapointed. Coupons are good for up to 5 items on your order, but not on Value Paks or sets. I found them to be bizarrely fascinating, like watching an obscure bad late night movie.

Well, the sight of a bunch of dogs strolling around on their comedeis legs wearing clothes and “acting” out scenes from old movies just can’t help being occasionally funny, especially when the costumes and setpieces are more elaborate. Watch how the dogs actually play the game, it is very interesting, while some of the dog has wires attached to their jeresys and watch them throw and run and tackle, it amazing how they pulled the segement off.


Apparently the LA Humane Society did investigate and found nothing amiss, though I’m sure standards were a lot more lax in those days and there’s always the question of accepting pay-offs for favourable reports. The dogs perform as dogvillf actual ragtime band The second DV short was “College Hounds” also was released in the fall of I will have to sit down and watch ’em later this weekend.

The Dogville shorts were directed by Zion Myers and conceived and co-directed by Jules White, who later went on to work on the 3 Stooges shorts.

Jerry Beck “That sounds logical! The funniest moment in this picture is the police lineup. First and foremost, for admission any bit of political correctness needs to be left at the comedjes, as well as any thought of welfare for these poor creatures who often times look miserable dressed in their suits and wigs, suspended by wires to walk on their hind legs.

Now keep in mind, that prior before the marathon started, I have only viewed six DV shorts and now I have all nine shorts. Dogvolle, Thanks Jerry and it means a dogvil,e to me that you liked iy very much This one series that I hope that all of my TTTP family will watch and enjoy very much.

One becomes a district attorney. I also noticed that the music that played at the beginning of “Canine Front” was the same music that played at the end title of The Blitz Wolf.

Dogville Comedies – Wikipedia

Sign in Get started. Twin brothers are separated at birth when one is stolen by gypsies. This one was still working when I tried to purchase the Robert Benchley set.

I wanna know everyone’s thoughts that have managed to see the classic shorts. It’s bare bones, to be sure, but having all the McDoakes together is okey-doke with me. I also enjoyed some of those Robert Benchley shorts they aired earlier in the evening. I don’t mind the no extras, no frills, it’s the movies I want. The story ends with a dramatic courtroom scene. To what degree any actual abuse might be involved here in these pre-SPCA shorts is hard to ascertain–mainly the dogs just look like they’d rather be somewhere else instead of wearing clothes and pretending to be movie actors, often sporting a distinct “WTF?

I’ll kill that dirty dog! Rumors say that their mouths were moved using fishing line.