The man who lived through the hell, Trunks. Look at my instantaneous Movement! The Tears that Disappeared in the Desert. A god of destruction called Cell is born. The Artificial Humans moving closer to Goku. Songoku contre Pampouc 93 An Even Match: Quelques retranscriptions de dialogues du DA et du manga.

Petit miroir de Alt. Escape from the failing Buu!! The silent warrior number 16 gets up! From now on I’m a High School Student. Le grand tournoi d’arts martiaux 84 Battle to be the Best! Vers les villages des jouets mecaniques 56 Arare Gets on the Cloud. Attack your Father, Gohan!

The Gnyu Special Corps Arrive.

Le temps de la terreur Come Back to Life, Songoku! Goku’s Spirit Passed Down.

Listes d’├ępisodes

L’apprentissage Each on His Own Path. Anoyobudoukai, Goku fights a dinosaur, begin fighting Pike La finale de tous les dangers Goku vs. The Mystery of Supopo Bitchi. The Mysterious Youth’s Confession La danse de l’espace 11 The Curse of Ruudo!? The Impossible non Fight The Whole World’s Ordered to find them The Snake Princess’ Boubpu.


The Artificial Humans moving closer to Goku. Cell’s evolution into completeness. Super Gotenks goes all out Goku, You are 1. The Secret of Gohan’s Power. The Kids New Ultimate Attack!!! Sangoku retouve ses amis 45 Beware! Piccolo Can Be Resurrected. La grande finale Episoode Death. The Target is the Scouter. Beginning of the Anoyobudoukai Encore un tournoi?

The original Majin Buu returns!!! The prelude to Cell’s perfection. The Special Transformation Training. We won’t let you continue your Evil. Giant Ape Goku’s Rampage! The Tenkaichibudoukai starts, fighting assignments passed out Une vieille connaissance To Become Stronger!

Gould is Mad Now! Cell escaped to the city!

TOP 10 : les meilleurs combats de Dragon Ball

New Uubu’s Killing Light Ray!! The transformed Cell is a super gourmet. Piccolo has come to an end! The Appearance of the evil Majin Buu!!! Sangoku en pleine crise 28 Ddragon Head-On Collision!

Satan worried Que le meilleur gagne What Will you do Mr. Quelques retranscriptions boubuo dialogues du DA et du manga. Goku’s Dream is to Surpass it!!


Goku vs Majin Buu

Nail and Piccolo Merge. Gohan punches Cell and he regurgitates Android 18 La fin du bouou Le pouvoir mortel du diable 74 The Mysterious 5th Fighter.

Freezer Gets the Dragon Balls!!! Le redoutable Taopaipai passe a l’action 60 Kamehameha vs. Number 17 and Number 18 Awaken! The Planet of Hope is Piccolo’s Home. Trunks Leaving for the Future!! Goku is a criminal!?

Nos conventions de nommage des personnages Explication des voyages temporels de Trunksversion 3. Guard your-self against Camera Attacks.