Also, another thing that bothered me immensely was Hiroshi’s expressions, or lack thereof. The endless lectures are taken right out of the Idiot’s Guide to Tokyo-U Entrance Exam, and if they succeed in activating an idiot’s brain, they’re more likely to deactivate yours. The drama is almost like a mix about GTO and Gokusen, but not really that. Favorite reason for loving this drama is it isn’t some cheap romance story, romance is barely even there. Unlike the other new teachers at her school Kumiko gets placed with teh Unlike false hopes other school dramas portray. If the storyline doesn’t attract you, you should at least watch for the lessons they teach that can be used for both inside the classroom and outside in real life nowadays.

Not as convincing as it wants to be Reviewed by l0nEr on 16 March Comments by strawberrynkiwi [Rating: His purpose is to become a successor after his father. This is a slightly inspirational tale if a bit weighed down by some of the students. I’d say that with the whole school thing

Even with her nagging and whining I’d still watch it again.

Dragon Zakura

But of course, this drama is also full of hope. If the storyline doesn’t attract you, you should at least watch for the lessons they teach that can be used for both inside the classroom and outside in real life nowadays.

Never-Loose Lawyer Komikado use his way and understanding of the spirit of law win every case on the court of law. For me, the special teachers were enormously srama and they just made me want to study again.

Reviewed by mrsmith10 on 28 May Reviewed by toykimura on 3 December At first she iritated me with her constant jealousy and her extreme reliance on Yamapi’s character. Great dorama with a great character in Sakuragi Kenji. The only good thing about this drama was YamaP but I felt like he needed a sidekick and Koike Teppei really wasn’t the one to do it. When he was recruiting his students, dtama Yajima the rest seemed to have just popped out of no where and suddenly felt like joining when it was obvious the whole school was really enraged dragpn Sakuragi’s proposal.


Dragon Zakura [ドラゴン桜] ::

Unlike false hopes other school dramas portray. Share this Rating Title: This drama kind of remind me of such times ReDxFred4 One of the best dramas I have ever seen!

Reviewed by Gabinwong on 17 November I recommend you watching this dorama. Listening to adults berate and insult teenagers in order to make them work harder is painful — teachers in dravon country would be subject to dismissal for like conduct — and yet here in America we coddle and baby our teens to an extent that academically we are a world-wide laughing-stock. Just like others, I expected another replica of variety show like setting and a pleasing ending to make everybody happy.

tHe nOtEs hye3~

One should see this as a dorama by itself. Comments by Kitsuchi [Rating: Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this drama’s endings and plots! The storyline deals with the system of society in which the most educated, no matter socially impaired, are cherished, and the stupid, no matter how kind, are frowned upon. The students was such eye candies too Reviewed by Kirari Ililah on 14 April One thing that I learn from this Dragon Zakura is we must follow the society rules in order to be successful in your life!

He’s pretty good in Code Blue but here he’s just a flake. Galileo TV Series First few episodes were interesting but halfway through the drama, ended up fast forwading most it. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Nigeru wa haji daga, yaku ni tatsu TV Mini-Series He would just end up preaching to his students, and most of his self righteous speeches were either annoying or not convincing at all.


Not to mention the extremely over the top teachers that Abe’s character brung in, who came off as Gandalf the Math teacher, an Albert Einstein rip-off for a Physics teacher, and a break-dancing bar owner as an English teacher. Don’t look at your skills, talents and preferences just attend the right college otherwise you’ll be a loser. And i do not really think that there are much exam tips from the drama, so don’t bother if u are just looking to score well Comments by ReDxFred4 [Rating: I loved all the characters and their growth and I liked how the ending wasn’t predictable right until the last second I did not know what was going to happen, but I was happy with what did very happy.

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Yukawa Manabu, also known as Detective Galileo, is a genius physicist and university professor who solves unusual mysteries. Legal High TV Series The six students acted well though I found Yamapi to be a bit of zakuea bore.