She found a job and worked hard to raise her daughter, even if that meant sacrificing precious time with her daughter. And any scene that involved anyone other than Mehjabeen was simply not an important scene. Faiza comes home to see Arshiya with Ammi Jaan. Obviously, I think Arham’s father is the worst character on the show. On the other hand, you have Zayan who was a Mama’s boy throughout, listened only to his mother and sister grip about his angelic wife, was not there for Maryam during her fight against cancer, but rather was cheating on her with the MAID – and let’s NOT forget that he was ALSO ragingly flirting with Faiza In , she appeared as the younger sister Zara, in critically acclaimed film Cake.

Faiza did end up suffering, due to her child’s illness and an unhappy marriage. When I initially started watching this drama, I felt it to be slow, repetitive and mildly boring. In the final scene, we see Sheharyar, Paras and Ajwa as a happy family. Sarmad and Sara moved away because Sarmad dislikes Paras and she moved back home and now his parents dote after Paras’ daughter. It is easy to review something after you have watched it from beginning to end a thousand times but reviewing it the first time is more difficult. Saeed started modelling at the age of No love or respect for his son, all based on a pathological liar.

These characters were human with human eipsode and desires. In Kiran’s home, we see a change in Rukhsar and Phupo’s behavior towards Kiran, which has now become positive and supportive. The ending scene shows Kiran and Adnan happy in their home on her birthday, where he brought her a cage of parrots. Now Arham is married to his ideal life partner, while Shayk is stuck with horrible Narmeen.


Faiza comes home to see Arshiya kwsak Ammi Jaan.


Taaya Abba goes to speak to Paras in a moment of regret for what he’s put her through. I still find that I want to hit myself for picking up this drama again. I expected Zayan to get a lifelong quota of suffering rather than this neatly packaged forgiveness that Maryam and Arshiya both gave him.

In my naivety I imagined that such rivers of milk and honey were unending and being the eternal optimist I am still hoping that those days will return.

I dropped this drama. She hasn’t won the lottery! This scene perfectly demonstrated that apologies can’t take away all the pain that has accumulated in a person’s heart.

Sikandar told Kiran that she was worthy of so much more and asked her to divorce Adnan, he would divorce Aarzoo and they could be together.

That’s the end of Rania, thank goodness.

Ek Kasak Reh Gayee Episode Dec – video dailymotion

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Mere Humrahi, Kadoorat and Sannata.

Both dramas look great, one being written by Umera Ahmed and the other being directed by Nadeem Baig! One of the strongest and perhaps most prevalent threads in the tapestry that is South Asian culture is the belief divine or karmic retribution. Getting to the episode, a lot happened in one episode. In her scene with Faiqa, Aarzoo is seen finally blaming her mother for making poor decisions regarding her life and turning a blind eye to her nephew’s bad traits.


Obviously when I’m watching this many dramas, I’m enjoying some more than others. Retrieved 9 October But honestly, I’m unsure as to where this storyline is headed. Without the support of her family, a girl has to face a lot.

Retrieved 29 February Now I realise this put the producer and director between a rock and a hard place, Farida had to be punished without knocking into that other pillar of our society: The epiode looked like an episkde that was edited in quickly at the end. Yes, I played a little something I like to call “fast-forward catch-up” on the episodes I was behind on.

Ek Kasak Reh Gayee Full Episode 23 – 2 December By Geo Tv

YES, this is worse than Ashk! With this one line, Kiran not only made her stance clear and relieved herself of anger, but also vocalized what the audience has been feeling for months. Let’s put this one to rest. Shakk was also very good this week, as usual.

After doing episodde theaters, Saeed made her television debut in the romance DaamSaeed had her first commercial success with the romantic series Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Because let’s just be honest: Your wife is crazy, son. Chitra Divakaruni says Zindagi serial rips off her novel”.

The telefilm received mixed reviews from critics, however Saeed’s performance was praised by both critics and viewers.