Another sexual harassment case at KU reported 1. Aplus drama Kaneez Episode 12 1. Akshaya Lottery AK 1. Bahu Begam Episode 77 Live 17th October 1. Beintehaa 25th August 1. Episodes Finally a marriage proposal comes for Seher and she is accepted for the marriage seeing this bubbly and bunty and the whole family are very happy, Raima makes a plan to show Wajmaj that she is interested on another man by doing so she takes her friend Numra’s husband on a lunch.

Bashar Momin Episode 30 Online 1. Arranged Marriage Episode 12 Youtube Links 1. The company started its operations in February in Pakistan. Beintehaa 20th August 1. It also shows that Manahils mother Aasiya has fixed her marriage date with some weird man. This channel also conducts annual film and TV awards, called Hum Awards. Bahu Begam Ep 29 Full 2.

Ary Digital drama Parvarish Episode 5 1. Manahil asks her mother for her marriage which her mom fully rejects, she tells her that she will only let her marry after four years when her sibling are mature enough to earn. Aahista Aahista Episode 16 Full 14 September 1. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7 August 1. Ary Digital drama serial Haq Meher Episode 5 1.

Dramay Baziyan Episode 35 HUM TV Drama Full Episode – video dailymotion

Arranged Marriage Episode 12 Online- 1st Septembe 1. Raima gets confuse tells her to shut up and leaves. Epieode Aahista Episode 16 live 14th September 20 1.

Bashar Momin Episode 28 Tune. Beintehaa 3rd November latest 1. Celebrations in Pakistan of celebrated in a 1. Manahil and Abrar are not talking to each other while Raima and Wajmaj have fallen in deep love.


Aahista Aahista Episode 17 Live 21st September 20 1. Bank AlFalah Credit Cards 1. After looking at Raima’s Wealth Seher tells Zainab about her and tells her that through her they can be rich. ARY morning show good morning Pakistan 1st Septem 1. Awami Muslim League 1.

Budnaseeb Episode 30 – 2 November Urdu1 1. Budnaseeb Episode 33 – 6 November Urdu1 1. Babul Ki Saheliyan Episode 18 live 27th October 2 1. Only because of their sake, Wahaj and Raima have destroyed Manahil and Abrar’s relationship without knowing that they are in love or even without thinking that they know each other.

ARY morning show good morning Pakistan 4th Septem 1. Aur Dramzy Ho Gaya 28th August 1.

Beintehaa 3 September 1. Beintehaa 4th August 1. Bahu Begam Episode 83 1.

tum se mil kar ptv drama episode 1

While Manahil and Abrar try their best haziyan getting married. ARY morning show good morning Pakistan 11th Augus 1. Manahil and Abrar want to marry each soon as possible but they can’t due to Abrar’s elder sister Seher who is not yet married because of her weird character and wants herself to be married as she is going beyond the marriage age, however a marriage proposal comes for her which as usual got denied.

Ager Tum Na Hotay 28th August 1. ARY morning show good morning Pakistan 31st July epjsode. Baal Veer 3rd November Episode youtube 1. Bahu Begam 31st August 1. Aahista Aahista 1. Arranged Marriage Episode baziyann Live 20th October 20 1.


Beintehaa 11 August 1. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th August 1.

Dramay Baziyan – Episode 12

Celebrations in Pakistan of 1. The Series had 20 episodes in total and ended on 20 August Afghanistan’s first amusement park 1.

Bahu Begam Episode 82 Live 1st November 1. Arranged Marriage Episode 12 Live 1 September 1. The show invites the celebrities as guests, teaches amazing recipes in cooking segment, tells about zodiacs and astrology, health, and epsiode.

Ager Tum Na Hotay 16 Septemberr 1. Achakzai urges Parliament to table resolution to 1.

Aahista Aahista Dailymotion 1. Bulbulay 3rd August 1. When Wajmaj takes a fake Marriage proposal to her house and lies to Asiya that he is around 80 years and is married to a women before, Asiya rejects this Proposal. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1 September 2. Ary drama serial Daraar Episode 9 1.

Arranged Epiosde Episode 12 Youtube Links 1. It is being telecasted from dramqy Monday to Friday at 9 AM in morning. Beintehaa 16th September 1.