Sindhu still retains the practice of Hinduism. Celebrities who can speak more than two languages. Ramya warned the master if he would have repeated this she would inform it to his wife. But Sindhu has come out in the open and has refuted the suicide attempt rumours. I am very happy that I got such a role early in my career. Vasu is able to relate the deaths with Ramya but doesn’t know how exactly, but finds that Water has been the common element in all the deaths.

Actually, Ramya had possessed him and made him speak the truth. I am tremendously thankful and grateful to him for having given me beautiful characters to prove myself. He expected me to underplay and essay my role subtly. Indian film actresses Living people Actresses from Bangalore Actresses in Tamil cinema Actresses in Kannada cinema Actresses in Malayalam cinema Actresses in Telugu cinema 21st-century Indian actresses Child actresses in Kannada cinema 20th-century Indian actresses Indian child actresses. One can make the audience fasten to their seats in a commercial film by having comedy, action, dance, song, sentiment etc. I am happy to have worked with these three artistes.

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The songs were released inalthough the recording took place in Film portal Horror fiction portal India portal s portal. X by dashing him in the mirror and now, she Mr. Ramya warned the master if he would have repeated this she would inform it to his wife.

eeam Sindhu Menon comes to Tamil after a long gap. When he goes to stop water, he witnesses a young woman Ramya Sindhu Menondrowned in the water. One can make the audience fasten to their seats in a commercial film by having comedy, action, dance, song, sentiment etc. BangaloreKarnatakaIndia.


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One night, when Divya Saranya MohanRamya’s sister, visits Vasu in his house to console him for Ramya’s death, the latter’s spirit possesses her body and reveals the truth of her life after their separation to Vasu. What did Shankar say after seeing the complete film? Bradley Cooper’s prep talk with Lady Gaga before performing Shallow is amazing. She has ridden many bullet riding action scenes in action movies on her own without a dupe.

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deram She married Dominic Prabhu, a London-based businessman, in If you are aware of any name that ought to be here but is not, please get in touch with Cinestaan. Jayaram, who cast her in his film Rashmi in One of the very difficult shots was the tub shots wherein I kill the heroine and put her in the tub.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. X’s lover and makes her mentally unstable.

Direction Arivazhagan Venkatachalam Director. What kind of films you would like to work?

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Suchitra Karthik Kumar Singer. He was heroinee happy when he saw the completed eera. Creativity knows no bounds and normally any actor would always feel that he could have done better, improvised here and there. Bala kidnaps Divya, and Vasu comes to save her.

Each one of them is different from other. Now, Sindhu Menon has become the latest eearm. This is not the first time that a film celebrity has been a victim of false reports. Normally it is difficult to get an anti hero script. I could not believe it because in Mirugam his face was hardly seen as it was covered with hair. Vasu then sees human footprints walking on water and understands that mocie is the work of a supernatural entity.


I am happy to have worked with him. Recently, rumours were doing the rounds that the actress attempted suicide due to financial worries. Writing Arivazhagan Venkatachalam Screenwriter. In every scene, you will find water in some form or the other. And the song flowed in with the duration of two-two minutes.

In that manner Eeram can be termed as a romantic thriller. S Pictures S Musics. Think Music Sony Music India. Vasu is unable to convince his superiors that the deaths are not accidental. In Eeram, for the first time, I have played a negative role.

The very next day, Bala suddenly confesses for the murder of his wife. It was very interesting to play Balakrishnan’s character How did you feel to be working for S Pictures? Subtle symbols keep appearing to Vasu and he begins to receive premonitions of the killings that are about to take place.

Vasu warns Bala that he will soon catch him with evidence.