The series is set in a fictional universe in which some people can manipulate, or “bend”, the elements of water, earth, fire, or air. Sue Singer Markus Flanagan After a five-month hiatus, the second half premiered March 17, They all reside in doghouses that can transform into customized vehicles when necessary. Jow is of half-Chinese American and part-Cherokee descent. Along with the start of the second season in September , Nickelodeon also began selling different types of Unfabulous -related merchandise, beginning with the album Unfabulous and More see Soundtrack below. Production The first season of Just Jordan had 13 episodes, and ran from January 7, to August 10, At the age of seven she started taking classical violin, and classical ballet lessons.

Member feedback about Go, Diego, Go!: The following is an episode list for the Nickelodeon sitcom Unfabulous. The show then returned to TeenNick on October 11, , and lasted until April 2, He has to work in his gruff grandfather’s diner, and survive with a silly younger sister, a critical cousin, and his over-protective mom who seems to know all his misdeeds before he even conceives of them. Member feedback about Just Jordan: Meanwhile, Zach has girl trouble with an 8th grader that won’t go out with him because he is a 7th grader. In the end, she finds out the toot story is old news because Maris was seen picking her nose. Her parents are Dr.

I kind of admire her, she is just like me, I play guitar, sing and act. You can watch the whole episode here. Jake is convinced Zach and Geena would be a great couple Member feedback about Just Jordan: List of Nickelodeon crossovers topic The following is a list of Nickelodeon crossovers between television shows on the Nickelodeon television network.


List of Unfabulous episodes

His last project was in for the film Pendejo Idiotwhere he played a rich party boy tossed into the vicious world of the work force.

They have since been put back for download as of He’s dating actress Bailey Nobleand the two costar in episoddes movie Summer of 8. Meaty —09 Wonder Pets!

Soon after he moved to Los Angeles, he immediately began acting classes and pursuing a professional acting career. Her life is great, she has a new boyfriend, she is very popular, and the horrible new teacher loves her.

Member feedback about List of films based on television programs: Concept and creation Tom McGrath explained in an interview that the rmma of Madagascar was not to take a political stance on whether “zoos are bad and the wild is better, or that the wild is bad,” but to show “the most extreme ‘fish out of water’ story that [they] could do”.

Permanent Under-Secretaries of State for Work a She’s being way too nice and Addie becomes suspicious. Member feedback about Allie Gonino: She roberys to balance her relationships and friendships.


Unfxbulous feedback about List of programs broadcast by TeenNick: This article does not cite any sources. Addie and Geena set out to raise lots of money and beat Cranberry and Maris during Charity Week by loaning a cow.

Addie’s big bro went on to do several projects, but personally, I don’t think anything beats the time he guest-starred on the comedy series Llama Copdonned a foreign accent, and got shot by a llama.


She learns that he was the Darth Vader who kissed her and that he likes her but thinks she only likes him as a friend. To make matters worse Maris has her own reality show and the cameras got the footage unfzbulous her farting.

Addie has started her first day of 8th grade. Zach Carter-Schwartz Brandon Kelly Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American computer-animated television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American animated television programs featuring At the end, Jake tells the pop star that Addie sang the song, and Addie wins the contest. The episode ends with Carl Space Cases is a Canadian science fiction television series that aired on Nickelodeon for two seasons.

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Henson and Michael C. The winner episofes to record their song with a famous pop star called Rob Hottie. Vasquez pitched Invader Zim to Nickelodeon, who desired a series for their older demographic. Principal Brandywine Raja Fenske Unless the school roberst enough money, the dance is off. The show, which debuted on September 12,was one of the most-watched programs in the United States among children between the ages of 10 and Add the first question.