The format is the same: Where do you see the community going throughout this year? Like game two, the early game started slow. After the series we were talking some strategy and deck building and we just hit it off really well. Before Hearthstone, were you into card games much? Simply having top players in the same place, at the same time, proved to be enough. Some minion trading in the midgame led to a late game where, once again, team DogeHouse’s Druid had a hand that was holding all the answers. Banning cards for being unfun is good motivation, sensei’s divining top in mtg is a good example.

Going into the late game, team DogeHouse just had too strong of a hand for the Warlock to deal with, eventually overrunning team ManaGrind. Could you elaborate a bit more on that? The Hearthstone community right now is fantastic: Anyway that is besides the point and I hope and think the cards will be tackled eventually. The late game saw both teams at around half life, with the Druid starting to swing hard for the face. The results were acceptable but it was mentally too exhausting for me with the ups and downs.

Live Events No Live Events. It will be interesting to see how they perform in their team setting. So for example if we were playing a deck designed by player X, player X would be calling the shots.

You should of seen me when I saw this World Electronic Sports Games That’s fantastic, I think having a passion for what you’re doing as a professional can really catapult you fsgn and keep you motivated in what you’re doing for a long time.

ESGN Fight Night Season 3/4 Preview

Don’t really care if they take the elegant solution of just reducing variance on them somehow or take the simple approach of nerfing them to unplayable status. Looks like the next 2 seasons will be very fun.

Games being recorded right in the middle of two patches was unfortunate, but heartjstone the most part, the games were still amazing. It is possible that there will be a turn timer for every game and not just the ace matches in seasons 5 and forwards.

An uneventful early game transitioned into a strong midgame board for team DogeHouse. It was actually great meeting both teams. I believe most of the classes will find shells of 27ish cards in a couple of months with a few cards getting heartystone in and out such as Black Knight and Big Game Hunterdepending on what other people seem to be playing. Like game two, the early game started slow.


I always want to be the best etc. Artosis is a really great guy. In case you missed it, here is our coverage of days one, twothreeand seaon.

Random effects do not make the better player win more no matter how you look at it. The skill level seems to be the same imo. Kind of in the middle of the conversation he looks around and asks “wait where’s StrifeCro?

Anyway that is besides the point and I hope and hearthstonee the cards will be tackled eventually. What this means is that the decks we see will still be viable in your own games. I think that’s a very good point, I think most card games subsist on a continually growing card base, and that’s the one thing that worries me about Hearthstone, is that there is no current timeline for the next card infusion.

If this is just the beginning, the future looks very bright. Transitioning into the late game, DogeHouse was hearthatone to translate continued board control into chipping away at ManaGrind’s health. If players become dissatisfied or bored with the game itself the community will run into some problems as well, but as long as the game is kept reasonably balanced and fresh with new interactions and cards coming out at a reasonable rate, that’s very unlikely to happen.

Team ManaGrind chose to play a rather strange Warrior deck not often seen in tournaments, in response to the Druid win of DogeHouse. My personal opinion is actually that the meta doesn’t need to keep evolving a whole lot, but the most important eagn would be to change the RNG cards such as Nat Pagle and Tinkmaster Overspark. Read on to find out what they’ve changed, as well as interviews with the two new challengers: Do you have any last words or shoutouts? I couldn’t disagree more. The Warrior deck was able to dish zeason some hexrthstone aggression, but the Druid drew answer after answer, controlling the heatthstone once the midgame hit.

Savjz examples are idiotic as well though, there are tons of RNG elements which do add skill by being more difficult to play optimally.

I’m happy they’ve got rid of the ring girls too. When will a card infusion become necessary to keep the meta evolving and changing? There was considerably more production put into Fight Night than the other events I’ve played in, but at the end of the day we were there to play cards. What interested you most about Hearthstone, and made you want to play it professionally? Do you have any funny stories about the event? Getting along with the wheel of RNG. Cool, so let’s get down to business.


There was only turn timer for the ace match in season three and four 90 seconds for a turn. I do think the spectator mode is an integral part of the scene, and the faster they get it done the easier it will be for the scene to grow. What do you think the differences are between the two servers, and which do you think houses the better quality of player?

ESGN Fight Night Season 3/4 Preview

Koyuki’s point of view is moronic as you can’t simply not play a RNG card because you dislike the card if you are competitive because they can be good. Both players are known constructed players and are already well established in the community.

You said you had a bunch of experience with the tournament setting, but what were you feeling going into this season of Fight Night? I was pretty confident.

It was nice putting faces to names and getting a chance to talk to them all in person. Along with a new set of players, ESGN have revised their rules and format for this season: A lot of people cite those two as the biggest RNG swings in the game, and while I don’t disagree with them, I do think it’s a little bit exaggerated. There’s been talk about tournaments potentially banning Nat Pagle and other RNG based cards, what are your thoughts on that?

I feel like I had the final decision as I was holding the mouse all the time lol but it was team effort for sure. I’m sure most people think that it would get boring if you see the same decks too much, but as long as most of the classes are viable I think everything is ok. The late game saw both teams at around half life, with the Druid starting to swing hard for the face. Out of the members of Team Dogehouse, he seems to be the one outlier, with him living in South Korea and also being in the eSports scene for a lot longer.

Hey, are we running Druid? I’m also currently widely considered one heqrthstone, if not the best players in the world for Legend of the Five Rings: