Because I love the two last anime I watched with a passion So no poll this week? Gotta go to school now, cya. Heheh, gotta love Mitsuki getting Yuzu’s fruit wrong. Tch, I already want to hit her, because Sato is a very loveable and catharsis-inducing? Like, I watch an episode, then I click on next episode, and go watch 2 other shows before watching it as well as doing things in between like Fj and such. But I didn’t know yet who she was. I have plenty to talk about.

From the gif I sometimes see here, it looks quite random – or it’s just that I don’t know the background. Speaking of Nia have you seen the I misworded the last spoiler a bit – by timelines I mean that it tells the story of three different years all together at the same time. I had to look it up though, I was still at Kevin Rudd. Heheh, gotta love Mitsuki getting Yuzu’s fruit wrong. Airs in less than one week, I can’t wait. I dunno if you’ve heard yet, but Log Horizon is getting another season in Autumn Spring for me though Looks like there’ll be some exciting shows this season!

I guess Ttail just put them all in their different spoilers It’s a no-win situation – maybe not so different from when you play with them though, since you mop the floor with them without holding back. Says the guy whjo told me some days ago “Eeeh I don’t think my top 11 will be changed before a while” Well if it’s good enough to wipe Angel Beats off your top10, I should watch it.

Originated in Canberra, the rebellion quickly won every city before coming back to the Capital in order to confront the top of the power. I could not comprehend what was going on with the sky or walls If I’m somewhere with no internet, I know I just have to open my gigantic anime folder and I’ll have good stuff I kept, or some anime I didn’t touched yet, but are here. If I remember well, at the times, Toradora! Not even the children were spared Tch, I already want to hit her, because Sato is a very loveable and catharsis-inducing?


Taill, whatever works for you I guess But this day is not today! Well it’s probably not a bad thing.

Free hosting has reached the end of its useful life

Well my opinion didn’t change, I’m not a big fan of reverse harem and the ric atmosphere kind of pisses me off. I think Light was kind of a sociopath, feeling nothing manipulating and killing people, but his pride, the way he wants to do good but ends up consumed by power, were very very human.

Though close friends should not need to be scolded like that – or they should be able to bear it. I’ll usually watch a series based on synopsis rather than rating, but if a series has a high rating I generally expect a lot from it.

The music was just Expect a poll tomorrow, just not next week. Is the gif edited beyond the “4chan, Internet, Real world” added or the dude doesn’t really go flying like a duck? Even though I liked Bleach so much, it was difficult enough getting through all of that Ah, I’m sure you made I almost wrote maid Speaking about tops, I actually upgraded School Rumble to something like 8th, before Sakurasou.


Her voice is too deep. Oh well, we had a double Rik-ka x Sophia nose-to-nose with a cute “boop” noise, it’s kind of a consolation. It made 10th spot on my list. I don’t know if I’ll survive watching it but I feel the irrepressible I don’t remember if this one is transparent urge to watch the hell out of it.

I have a very short attention span Well I fell asleep on my computer and just woke up in the middle of the night, saw your comment. Ah, fairh, I’ll watch then. If they manage to make some more second season will be even more enjoyable.

I longed all day to be able to download fariy OST, but it’s actually the instru of a song, and it doesn’t exist officially Wow, harsh question, I loved so many Yeah, me too I think, it’s not on Horrible Subs’ program today.

I prefer downloading because I like being able to rewatch a certain scene in 10 seconds, and I can’t.

Website is not available

But I didn’t know yet who she was. I’m just some chapters into it though so I don’t have a precise opinion about it but it’s okay I guess. Story of a lesbian who is allergic to boys so she transfers to a girl’s catholic highschool to find love.