He said, he was just walking in the street. They come and have a look. We’ve already decided that and you know it. I was afraid that he’d be condemned because of a crime he didn’t commit. He wants you to pay your debt first. You’re telling it’s the stock exchange. Don’t try to pull me into new games, just because my hands are tied.

Now, they’ll show even more attention to this tape, won’t they? What does that rascal want from you? Tell me what you know about it and you’ll get these in return. If you head out now, I’m sure you’ll see many faces till you get home. A lot of work to do? It is a reaction at least. Would you like to have anything else?

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He must have left something behind. We’ll call you alter. But I have to. Now, they’ll show even more attention to this tape, won’t they? He wanted me to tell him your subtitlse in exchange for our passports.

They might just say there wasn’t enough signal to say anything. We didn’t realize how the time flew until we saw the sun rise.


He said stuff like sutbitles and me used to be friends Hope I am not cheering for nothing. Maybe Meltem will need us. I heard that you were after me, on the day Rahmi almost killed me. This isn’t taking advantage of the situation, I don’t want you to get me wrong.

But I didn’t call her with an ill intent. Why don’t you have a seat for a few minutes I want to see some human faces.

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Why is he running away? Don’t try to purchase your fatherhood with your money.

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: But this is different. You can go in. They won’t escape the hands of justice. A lot of work to do? I even went to talk to my ex-mother-in-law to get her permission. Sweetheart, please drink this. I was opening my wardrobe for a glance into a far away dream. I kept patient, and waited until I got these before I come here to talk to you.


And don’t ask me questions. But we need a signature of yours. Everybody must be on the phone to reach them now.

We’re also following the case. He’s with his family now. She can’t listen to you right now.

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I’ll wait for you. They’re taking our photos as well.

Turaner’s secretary has spoken. She left home early in the morning. We can’t live in the same house without looking one another in the eyes. But I wish she could see her in person. It’s not the right time for it. His father used to be a stranger who wrote him unread letters. And we couldn’t pay the rent of this month.