Lu Zhen gets the support of the Dowager who hates the Royal Concubine. Gao Zhan is at court and the Emperor happily recieves him. During this time, she captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. She tells Lu Zhen that from now on she can stop going to work every day and have Shen Bi take care of everything. Shen Bi takes this opportunity to tell him that Lu Zhen disregarded the news. Lu Zhen is the daughter of a well known pottery merchant who lost her mother as a child.

Lou Qing Qiang realizes that Wang Shang Yi must have been meeting with a man that night they found a thread in the pavilion , and that Lu Zhen must have seen the meeting. Being it Empress in the palace man, were they mean! The whole scene is just great — the scriptwriter was either totally sober when wrote it or totally stoned as the brilliancy of this part ist off any charts I could imagine. He accidentally breaks the white tiger ceramic she had made for him. Wang Shang Yi tells her that she should be good to the Emperor from now on. She had been engaged to be married but her kingdom fell.

He said that the white tiger had gotten him through everything. Go drown yourself, or something. Email Address never made public. Shen Jia Min cries to her brother, who comforts her and tells her that if this is what she wants then big brother will get it for her. He asks for her name, and erring on the side of caution, Lu Zhen decides to lie about who she is to him and tells him that her name is Ling Long.


She had found that no one had checked the clothes rrcap they were packed away and Shen Bi was the one that gave the wrong flowers to be embroidered.

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Gao Zhan tells her, yes, everything is true. To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. Gao Zhan asks why was she was being so good to him today. He wants to be alone with his thoughts.

He tells her that he wants her to choose him. Email Address never made public.

In the end, she realises that to find true happiness, 300 must cherish what she has and learn to let her past find its own happiness. The episode opens with the Royal Concubine putting on the robe the Emperor gave her.

I knew I loved Yuan Lu. Lu Zhen completely reorganizes the Clothes and Silks department, making everyone more accountable and having them all memorize the rules and regulations. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Okay, so this episode builds up to the next two, which happen to be very prie. The Royal Concubine tries to reacp the Emperor sleep with another woman to hurt his feelings.

But no matter how fake he is, he is her emperor and she has to choose him. The Emperor goes back to his palace, and he tells all the servants to leave reca. All they have to do is destroy her face so that she gets sent out of the palace. Even if she does choose Gao Zhan, he will let her go. Lu Zhen tries to escape, only to be stopped by Wang Shang Yi who is equally stunned. Being it Empress in the palace man, were they mean!


She spends her life working against her husband to aid to former lover. Cutting the sleeve means that he is cutting ties with her; now they are strangers. And Royal Concubine, your time to shine is coming soon….

The Emperor has given the Edict requiring her to leave with him. Lu Zhen and Shen Bi, as heads of the Clothes department are ordered to create an embroidery. She asks that Gao Zhan not be allowed to see her for a few days. And if Gao Zhan tries to force his way in, Lu Zhen will disappear in front of his eyes.

Lu Zhen returns to her rooms and Dan Niang tells her that there is a letter for her.

Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 33 Recap

It will most likely contain a bottle of moscato and a couple of posts I need edited jk…but not really. Before Lu Zhen leaves the palace she tries to go see Gao Zhan. The Royal Concubine legenr many things which basically can be summarized as: