And were, in a way, the bacteria speacks as well as the urban planner and much better then human hubris. SIMA supports and expands creativity in a variety of media and through its curriculum explores the relationship between creativity and technology. Devo ringraziare tutti loro. That is a mystery that I am sure will solve by itself one day. Martina Caronna improvising with Koba’s tree. This tree will grow. Origins is a project on urban and cultural mythologies, the precarious state of things and the desire to pursue an artistic reflection that it is not merely self-referential but a cultural experience of a community that has the need for resources and suggestions. Next Trasformatorio location will be Giampilieri , a neighborhood of the city of Messina.

Not that she is not right in her will, is that being closer to the crude action of the algorithm of antropocene I am moved by the futility of heroism. Is it possible, I argue, that the only end of any ethics -were humans and non humans species interact- has to be imagined as a holy nothing, were the fear of the abyss glance brings inevitably to the fratricide brotherhood of the guillotine? Some took shape during the presentation itself, as guided, inspired improvisations, till everyone entered the rooms of the tower, in pitch black that night, and got guided by their refined senses. And in Italy this is a field for brave at harts to play in. Colophon Trasformatorio is a project by Federico Bonelli aka as fredd hosted by Dyne. The reasons why the administration of Scaletta Zanclea has decided not to renew the agreement with us are still a mystery. Bend your head thou that enter here. We arrived up, to the church.

We will need to unveal and design those as well. THe city is about mt. Muntarbanu is a comune municipality in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily, located about km east of Palermo and about 50 km southwest of Messina. The whole fucking spaceship has to talk. Giampilieri the collector above Giampilieri. In its more grim interpretation the ridiculous demented act of academia that keep dancing on the dead bodies of the real masters like a headless chicken.

A precious gift to be here now. It lies within the boundaries of the communes of Montalbano Elicona, Tripi which is built on the site of the ancient Abacaenum and Roccella Valdemone.

The administration was constantly upgraded on the status of our preparations, invited to join to meetings and had given us no reason to worry about a change of plan. Messina, that is the closest city, has also a big harbor that you can reach via ship with or without car from Salerno or Civitavecchia. Because we need to go out and walk like beings and not be kept in the state of minority by an illusion.


I must spend some words as well on this unexpected change of plan.


Powerful poetry was repeated over and over, read from a strip of paper by Dierk Roosen in dutch language. Dimora OZ is opening up to the world in style, and I am sure more collaborations and ideas will spur from this new center.

Ideas like trees, stories like trees planted in artificial giampilierii. The agreement was on their table, together with the whole plan since 29 of August and the positive experience of the previous year. And so we spoke with the culture group of the City of Messina.

Per Firenze – Per Firenze di elli con – video – RaiPlay

It is one of the big institutions of Hangzhou, one of the campuses situated just in front of the lake. I always been happy to join in Piksel because of the workshops, and I have already attended more than an edition. Nei giorni successivi grazie a loro e a tanti altri siamo riusciti a incontrare la maggior parte del gruppo consiliare, che ha agito davvero in fretta con consigli saggi e tempestivi.

They tend to reproduce, as in a fractal, the shape and tactics of the bigger ones. The found book from wich the story unfolds, in a network giampiliei meanings, stands for a man life, for its time political struggle, for meaning of unknown, for flash to be burn. It was sufficient to arrive in Piazza Pozzo, and see the strange white concrete scar; the ground works to alluvone the village, with the traces of the houses.

And a alluvikne to study and invent situational awareness and transformations: Le tariffe sono particolarmente convenienti se potete prenotare in anticipo.

Luoghi/ Places – Trasformatorio

Cristiano helping to test the beamer the alter, or the sieve, Martina Caronna and Valeria Cristelli helping out offertorio al vento the cave before the ritual the cave the chapel room the day of the presentation, 30 of april, traces of all interventions made in previous days And the trees will come out of the forest to tear down the castle walls And our methodology will be a transparent transformer that evolves the situation in positive productive or destructive cycles.

As of 31 Decemberit had a population of 2, and an area of But generation after generation, up to the renovation in of the space along the lake, the imagination has to be fit into reality of a incredible landscape design. Giampilieri We had to let some days pass and capture the sign of the times. Life fabric is not a sign or a sense alone outside a situation, and the situation is fluid.


Irina Baldini dancing with the tree from Koba. At the same time open to the public Oz House launches the first annual workshop: A small stone that blocks the mind for a click. I feel giampillieri need to add something.

Maybe in years will be still standing and enormous, maybe it will. Devo spendere anche alcune parole anche su questo inatteso cambiamento di programma.

I think it was wise to include in the conference a disaster relief expert, even if his solution to that type of complexity he was describing, ina small city struck by disaster, seamed a dreamlike book of instructions fairytale to me. My presentation of Trasformatorio 0 was then done in a rather full venue the 23rd morning.

And define the space, and turn to gold in the autumn. The day started early, with a wounded falcon escaping a cat, under the bridge of the train, close to the sea. What we know for sure that the people of Scaletta Superiore were looking forward to having us with them. Working the second year in the area was something a lot of people was looking forward to. You can imagine the stupor when the decision not to grant us anymore their favor has been communicated via a WhatsApp one-liner!

Ci siamo incontrati nello studio della radio. Il villaggio era nato come valle piena di mulini, che trattavano il grano per fare la farina per tutti. Systems that self organise and self heal and more over do not stand in our way when we like to think, sleep or loose time. We had brought too few bandages but improvised some more. Origins is a project on urban and cultural mythologies, the precarious state of things and the desire to pursue an artistic reflection that it is not merely self-referential but a cultural experience of a community that has the need for resources and suggestions.

Close to the faculty and the conference room I am guested in a comfortable japanese themed hotel, that borders with the Aston Martin and the local Porshe concessionary. And moreover what kind of situation-defining enzymes we have to design into the world with our craft?