He sees a lil bit of choco on Madhus cheek near lips..! Doctor had arrived, the nurse tells her about the situation. Everyone was shocked to hear. Big Boss wants Madhu to come to confession room n Madhu says.. He brings her to a garden like place.. Krishna bites at the hand of doctor, and pushes him away.

She brings the mobile and record the conversation into video. Part 3 RK shares how his mom used to fast for his dad.. Ganga calls Sagar as Krihsna is not in her bed. RK asks Madhu to come with him to the Doc! She seeks Madhus forgiveness… n admits on being instigated by someone! After his school completes their performance, Sagar goes behind the stage when he sees Bulbul reaching there. Yash speaks on phone about holding Krishna on gun point.

Episode #1.140

Ganga and Sagar had arrived at hospital. Please login to continue. Precap — Radha rues that she kept saying Ma. Krishna recognizes Yash at once. Sagar also shouts at them.

RK brings a transistor n puts a song on.! Madhu assures her that she has no complaints.! Madhu recollects the party nite dance thing n what all happened! She admits being unfair to Madhu.! What chavanprash did she have?

Please login to access the content. Madhu decides to just imagine. There, Krishna tries to run away but the men catch her. In the room, Ganga and Sagar ask doctor what happened to Niranjan. RK comes and asks…what did it cost Madhu?


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Kasam 30th December Written Episode Update. Doctor had arrived, the nurse tells her about the situation. She struggles to get up, but one of the men comes to suffocate her. The names of all the participating schools are called out and the participants reach the stage, proudly holding the board e;isode displays their school’s name.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Sagar was sure this has been done by the woman. However, the principal refuses to pay any heed to what Sagar has to say. Ganga and Sagar reach a hiding with police, there gangaa no one.

At home, Amma ji was upset. It was not as if he was on artificial ventilation.

She folds the letter. So what was the surgery that Neeru having done for the said condition. Yash brings Krishna to a car, with her hands and face tied. He begins to breathe and tells Krishna to leave.

At night, doctor insists on them to leave the hospital as they both need to rest. She requests Madhu to forgive her but Madhu stops her!

She spots Madhvi and Pulkit but go unnoticed. RK tells Bittu to cancel all appointments except one interview n walks off.!


Madhu wants to nominate RK! Sikky-Kuku wake up and see two bodyguards standing in front of them.

Ganga episode 140

Ganga accuses the inspector for reaching the wrong place. Soon, the performances begin and Sagar tries his best to inform his principal about the deliberate accident that is about to be caused to disrupt Gangaa’s tangaa.

Radha admits she thought of Madhu during Karvachauth.! Madhu starts to write love letter … n imagines RK n he says. She seeks Madhus forgiveness… n admits on being instigated by someone!

Ganga holds hospital staff responsible. She gets up to fight the other one as well, holding him back. Ganga goes to Sagar. Ma but she could not become Madhus mom!

He makes Madhu close her eyes. Krishna tries to bring her attention towards herself. Episode Synopsis Description Episodes More. You are not subscribed to access this content. The whole family was worried. Eipsode admits to have over reacted on her and tells her.

Ganga returns concerned, and instructs Maharaj ji for tea. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.