The homes are crowded together in family compounds around a central courtyard. The Biography of Ga Adangbe Ambassador. History of the Maseko Ngoni of Malawi and Mozambique. In time, the Kotokoli urbanized a status for sharp and perhaps underhanded dealings in trade. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here African Descendants in Guatemala Spanish Version. Feel gratis to use the below box to add your comment, view or even ask question.

African Music across Africa. Ten of the magnificent chateaux you can check into Mahama secures Subscribe To Afrikanwayhome Posts Atom. British Togoland’s capital was Ho, which presently serves as the capital of Volta Region. The History of Maroons in Jamaica. The spreading out of Islam was aided by German colonial policy. Alhaji Doctor Idi Amin “I am not a politician but a professional soldier.

This is why among the Muslims, the Kotokoli people are lacking behind, in terms of educational, wealth, government appointees, good parenting and leadership in all public offices, they are always behind this, in the entire three Countries they are; Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Narrative of the Kotokolo of Olaudah Equiano. Afro-Argentina The Hidden Truth.

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Others claimed they migrated from Upper volta which is now present day Burkina Faso into the Sokode region during the late s and early s. The Kotokoli were first exposed to the Islamic religion though linked with the Hausa and Fulani herdsmen in the ‘s. Most of the Kotokoli live in houses that have round mud walls, with dirt floors, and cone-shaped, thatched straw roofs.

History of the Maseko Ngoni of Malawi and Mozambique.

Kalenji Dance of Kenya. Slave Trade in Bahamas https: Kotokoli marriages are usually arranged by the parents whereas the boy and girl are still infants. Agwara Aerophone Ensemble of Uganda.

Putting on African clothing is a fantastic means for Sometimes women to display their unique talents along with the Goumbe dance which is performed by both men and women they sing, dance and play drums and other musical instruments.


The Kotokoli chief made this known when Nana Akufo-Addo called on him at his palace, in the heart of Madina, on Tuesday July 5,on his tour of the constituency. See Shocking Details Photos. What Are Their Needs? Unseen letter to a friend from Princess Diana revealed her fears over her biography. The spreading out of Islam was aided by German colonial policy.

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Kotokoli People of Togo, Benin and Ghana. – Africani Sankofa

Acceptance of these and other gifts kotooli by the groom makes the couple’s union legitimate. Others claimed Sokode which is located in Togo, ancient caravan routes, the settlement was given a name called Sokode translated to English meaning to close, because the town was frequently isolated by barriers built by ethnic groups trying to take authority over the carravan trade.

ADR necessary in curbing vigilantism – Austin Gamey. It was effectively formed in by the splitting of the German protectorate of Togoland into two territories, French Togoland and British Togoland, during the First World War.

In their traditions they build and lived in a round mud huts with mud wallsfloorscone shaped and thatched straw roofs and by s the Anufo Chokossi people spread Islam throughout the territory. In Togo, they are concentrated in towns such as Sokode, which is located along one of Togo’s ancient caravan routes.

Today, almost all the Kotokoli are Muslim. Beautiful and Eyes Cleansing Culture in Swaziland. Throughout the country of Togo, Ghana and Benin, during public occasions, the Kotokoli recite their family lineage and praise their chiefs for their heroic deeds. In their social economic living, for example, if one person is roofing his house to say, the person send his permission to the chief palace for helping hand where the chief would publicize to the whole community to come on board to support the person, because of this kind of practices and co-existence among them, the name remains on them as Temba which means Helping people.


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You are commenting using your Twitter account. A majority of voters taking part voted to merge the territory with the neighboring Gold Coast, a British Crown colony.

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The Kotokoli have retained their old custom of praise singing. I am into politics because I want to use the little wisdom and knowledge God has given me to help move Ghana forward, and bring relief and wealth to every part of the country.

Praises to the chiefs are offered by a musician playing a flute, rather than through singing. Traditional Samburu Warrior Song. Please, do not pay heed to such people.

British Togoland’s capital was Ho, which presently serves as the capital of Volta Region. Designs made out of African prints by Destiny Designs. You shouldn’t have done that’- Alabi tells Mahama ‘I regret absolutely nothing’: