He also strikes a relationship with Fasalina and goes a bit more on the extreme side later on. In end, Van won out. He also shows very little sadness and is somewhat indifferent whenever one of the Original Seven is killed by Van or Ray, maintaining that as long as he has the DNA samples of each pilot, his plan will succeed. Vengeance Within Episode 7. Taylor Henry as Narrator. Catherine Conet as Earl Elle.

This was destroyed by Brownie and El Dora Five continuously attacking it. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. Wendy refers to Van as her hero in the beginning, but sheds that title from him as she learns more about him, growing closer and seeing him with his flaws and his hidden side; she refers to this part of him with a memory of ‘how very sweet and precious he looked when he was like that’ Episode 16 preview. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I had a dream once too: The plan was also violently opposed by some of his crew members, claiming he was planning on committing genocide.

Van managed to destroy Metal Glow by throwing Dann’s sword through into the regulus cannon then used his foot to push on it sending the sword through the center and back out the other side.

Joan Antoni Ramoneda as Domingo Spain dub. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Michael begins to transmit the destroyer system from the moon to the world.


Their fight is interrupted by an explosion brought about by the moon and the saord material surrounding it, but continues when they return to the Planet of Endless Illusion, where Van also continues to scold epiaode taunt Michael for not being a good brother.


Naoki Imamura as Customer ep 3 Member A ep 1. She controls her armor through a control interface system implanted in her lower spine, which allows her movements to be directly mimicked by her Armor, thus taking advantage of her athletic abilities.

The cunning seamen named Kaiji, the captain of the pirate submarine, destroys the crane then freezes the water just as the coffin was nearly lifted. Angel Rabbie Tenchi Muyo!

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sunshine Corporation ep 22 Key Animation: Though he appears to be a kind and somewhat absent-minded old man, the Claw is actually very insane and does not admit to any kind of wrongdoing, despite the fact that nearly all of his actions have caused death and misery to innocents.

Jordi Hurtado as Mudaka Spain dub. Project Pink Persona 4: A comic trait is that Carlos episide nearly always asleep, even when the group is engaged in the most episoxe battles. Van kills him after luring him towards Dann on top of his castle and they clash in a fight yun wills where it is revealed that Woo ‘abandoned his mother for his father’s sake’ This, along with silhouettes of his parents shown in flashbacks, suggest that his father was the Claw.

In the series, Van discovers to his enormous shock that Gadved has become one of the Claw’s followers. Baku Production eps Bihou, Inc. Tristan Schotte as Michael Gallet. After arriving at the seaside city of Meuuniere, Van, Wendy, and Joshua planned to take the train to Zonnet Junction to rendezvous with Carmen And then, the Rain Falls Episode 4.

It runs through the body of the mecha like blood, seeping out of any wounds that the armor sustains in combat. Pinky Rebucas as Yukiko Stevens 2nd. And It turns out that Ray is Joshua’s older brother. She tells them thats her hometown.


Gun X Sword

In many ways he is both episove similar and opposite to Van. I have so many new friends! The fifth member, Chizuru, has already died. Sen is one of three Original Seven Armors with a unique armor color, possessing the same pale gold as Saudade of Sunday. During its fight with Dann of Thursday, it was almost destroyed until it was kicked out of the way by the El Dorado Five.

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Whether this includes Saudade of Sunday and Fzsalina, which were not active at the time, is not clear. Dahlia is very agile and has speed to match, despite its appearance.

Van agrees when he hears the reward includes express tickets to Zonnet Junction. Yukitoshi Hori as Boat’s captin ep 7. Maia Baran as Fasalina.

Van and Priscilla meet in person before their fight and find they share a great deal in common. Takahiro Kimura Episode Direction Cooperation: Gadved and Van mix it up in a brutal showdown between members of the Original 7. After slicing open Joe’s outer cockpit, Van manages to severely wound the Golden Cradle by blinding Joe with swor well-reflected beam of sunlight and slashing through the armor’s shield in the confusion.