Razia sows doubts in her daughter Shireen’s mind that Rashid is trying to see his first wife Dilshad under the pretext of meeting Asad. Asad leaves the hospital with his mother Dilshad. She relies on a stranger and his bike to chase Ayaan, but the old bike moves slowly. Asad offers Zoya help for her travelling arrangements, but Zoya refuses. Asad is annoyed to say the voice password set by Zoya every time to receive a call. Ayaan is happy to hear this and offers to help. As Ayaan is being beaten up by the goons, Asad arrives.

Ayaan is stunned to see Humeira in a new look on stage. Both of them return home to proudly narrate the incident, but Asad is not too pleased. Haseena queries Shireen and Razia about who is Asad Khan by saying that a man of that name has been called for the wedding as a guest. Just then, Imraan’s mother arrives to exchange the tux offered by Rashid’s family. Asad then drops Nikhat and Nuzzhat home. While waiting for Zoya, some boys harass Najma. Watching Dilshad wait desperately for Rashid to no avail makes Asad angry. After helping Zoya get bail, Asad passes harsh comments about Zoya and strictly warns her to respect his household norms and his family.

The mess made by Zoya in the kitchen while preparing a cake upsets Asad.

Their angry conversation ends with Asad helping her out by providing her a bottle of water. But Dilshad is happy when she learns about her ssason to make her happy. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. She indicates that they should be married away soon.

The approval of Nikhat’s engagement with Imraan makes everyone happy. At that moment, Rashid picks up the phone and fukl that Dilshad has answered the call.

Watching Dilshad wait desperately for Rashid to no avail makes Asad angry. Humeira claims to know Zoya just to attract Ayaan’s attention.

Qubool Hai

Eventually, Zoya follows her seasson, rejects her engagement and escapes from the ceremony. Meanwhile, Asad quarrels with Zoya after his car almost strikes her. Just then, Imraan’s mother arrives to exchange the tux offered by Rashid’s family. She runs into Ayaan, who is in srason burka too for the same reason. Haseena goes to the shop herself to get the tux changed. Shireen’s doubts about Rashid’s whereabouts heighten. More Videos of Qubool Hai.


Zoya asks Asad to mean it when he says sorry. Zeenat is happy to see Zoya back and asks her to get engaged to Akram, but Zoya opposes it vehemently. Asad gets the news of Nikhat’s engagement from Ayaan. Anwar and Zeenat are happy that Zoya will be staying with Anwar’s sister Dilshad and ponder how risky it is to let Zoya stay here to find the truth about her past.

When Rashid sees Zoya crying, he offers her a handkerchief to xeason her tears. Asad thinks it’s best to delete the voicemail and prevent any more heartbreaks for Dilshad. But Rashid is tense as he is not able to visit Asad.

The ladies start giggling on seeing a slice of Zoya’s leftover pizza stuck to the back of Asad’s pant. An upset Zoya goes to a shrine to collect her thoughts, where Rashid is waiting for Dilshad, who doesn’t arrive. Both fight against them until Asad gets severely injured after being stabbed. Eoisode seem qabolo until Imraan’s mother opens a box of presents. He tries to find a way weason, but fails and eventually goes to Zoya to ask her to remove the password. Disappointed, Rashid returns home only to realise that Nikhat’s prospective groom and family left without seeing her because of her family’s absence.

Over a cup of coffee, Rashid shares with Zoya his memories of Dilshad without revealing her name. Ayaan attempts to avoid the responsibility of buying return gifts for Imraan’s family by calling Asad. Ayaan takes offence to this and wants to return the gifts. Anwar devises an arrangement for Zoya as he is about to leave for New York with Zeenat. The same day, Zoya is qaboo pleased with Dilshad’s house after she moves into the latter’s apartment and mistakenly settles in the bedroom of Asad that night.

Later that night, Zoya screams after experiencing a bad dream.

Shireen apologises to Rashid for doubting him, and he forgives her. Zoya handles the situation charmingly, but disagrees with Zeenat.


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But Dilshad refuses to meet. She follows him, but ends up backstage where a diffident Humeira hesitates to go on stage.

Zoya finds Ayaan littering in the market and decides to teach him a lesson. Discussing the qualities they want in their potential partner, Humeira chats with Ayaan as Asad discusses the same with his mother. Asad chases Ayaan, who is on his fast bike, and convinces him that this won’t affect their relationship. Dilshad and Rashid reflect on their situation as they run into each other at the shrine on their 31st anniversary.

Ayaan is stunned to see Humeira in a new look on stage. Zoya encourages her to do so. Overhearing this, Ayaan is hurt and rushes away.

Haseena queries Shireen and Razia fjll who is Qahool Khan by saying that a man of that name has been called for the wedding as a guest.

Zoya throws a stone at one of them, which breaks the glass of the college principal’s office. On the same day, Rashid’s daughter Nikhat is nervous, but very much looking forward to meet her potential husband. Shireen confronts Rashid about his whereabouts as she reveals that she knows he was lying about being at office. Zoya stamps Asad’s feet to stop him from knowing the truth.

Rashid’s family discusses if Haseena’s demand for a luxury car is reasonable. When Imraan’s family arrives, the gifts are presented to the whole family.

A bubbly Zoya confronts Asad on his many objections regarding her and her stay, and asks him to bring all his complaints directly to her instead of taking it to his mother.

At that moment, Haseena learns about Asad’s identity.