Yoshi and Charlotte’s farm, and they have to get them back. September 29, broadcast. Zack has an argument with his mom, so the Ham-Hams go on a trip to Trotting Mountain to find a gift for him. June 20, broadcast. Sandy and Stan get into a big argument and storm off. Yuki Matsuri ” Japanese: Yoshi are going on a date to the zoo.

They finally try a music class and like it. Laura’s family decides to visit their old city. The Ham-Hams and Mr. Episode 69 “tell tottoko! Hamtaro, Oxnard and Penelope are trapped inside her purse and Oxnard drops his sunflower seed. Sabu est un hamster courageux et sage.

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June 21, broadcast. So the Ham-Hams try to find a way to cheer Maki on for her grandpa. June 11, 4 broadcast. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. October 20, broadcast. However, Hamtaro thinks that she’ll be leaving on a star to make her wish. But Sparkle episoee convinced there will be a scandal and she moves into Boss’s room in the Clubhouse.

Hamtaro (Dub)

Moderation – A moderator’s verdict is final and arguing with them will only cause further punishment. Also the only episode after to be aired in English. The Ham-Hams take care of a caterpillar they saved from the Chicky-Chickies. After Bijou’s farewell day, she returns the next day because Maria’s family decided not to go to France after all.


But it turns out that it was Dr Lion’s monkey, Pepe marrying the female monkey, not Flora. Episode “tottoko in the summer! June 22, broadcast.

Sotsugyou Degojaru ” Japanese: Member Login New Member. However, Charlotte’s father does not approve, episodde he sends out one of his prized roosters to stop them since Mr.

Koi no Monogatari ” Japanese: Oct 11To Sep 26 Episode “top we are!

He’s small, fluffy, and absolutely adorable: Sparkle becomes jealous of Bijou because she believes Bijou is prettier than her She starts believing this when Bijou was able to get Hamtaro’s attention but she couldn’t.

Umi No Jaku Daisho ” Japanese: Yoshi, the Ham-Hams decide to create their own expressway system underground that would lead to episodr mountains.

October 12, broadcast. January 28, broadcast. ComedySlice Of LifeSeinen. Laura hurries to the spring concert play, Cinderellabut she forgets her second slipper and the Ham-Hams take it upon themselves to bring it hajtaro Laura before the play starts. Episode 92 “is seen cherry blossoms tottokoo! Il est aussi l’objet de l’affection de la belle Bijou, mais il ne semble pas souvent s’en apercevoir. This article needs additional citations for verification. Picture book of memory”.


Episode “it is tottoko summer!

Hamtaro (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Sparkle visits again and meets Otome, Lion, and Bear. Laura and Kana return to school. Ten No Kawa ” Japanese: April 19, broadcast. Oxnard accidentally lets the chickens out of the cage. They both decide to play hide and seek in the tunnel. Can they beat the chickens?