The summer vacation is over and school restarts. Haruna, and the Ham-Hams all drive out to visit Gabriel, Mr. They both decide to play hide and seek in the tunnel. He comes to the rescue when the crow ladies attack the Jewelry House! The Ham-Hams meet the Rainbow Girls, loyal servants to Prince Bo, and they need to take a special basket to a high floating island. Sotsugyou Degojaru ” Japanese:

However, Hamtaro thinks that she’ll be leaving on a star to make her wish. Yoshi has a crush on Charlotte and decides to get married to her. Young Ethan and Penelope take an immediate liking to each other, and play and play all day until they both fall asleep exhausted and happy. Lazuli tries to get a berry to give to Lapis to apologize, but Lapis yells at her and says that it’s dangerous to climb so high. In the course of preparing for the play, they are suddenly sucked into a strange Picture Book Tower, where Ayayamu tells them that they will be characters in her new book — a new and exciting version of the well-known fairy tale “Sunflower Taro”. But something goes wrong Laura and Kana have a huge fight, so Hamtaro and Oxnard try to end their quarrel.

Laura has to clean the chickens’ cage, but they chase after the Ham-Hams. The Ham-Hams are immensely interested and want Oxnard to tell their fortunes, too. Member feedback about List of Game Boy Color games: Herbert, by chance, finds little Penelope and rescues her from the perilous hole.

Unfortunately, their attempts don’t go too smoothly. Omoide no Ehon ” Japanese: They eventually work together and knit Pashmina a cap and matching pair of gloves. Hamtaro sprains his foot and Bijou wraps it with her ribbon. At the same time, Laura decides to visit Maria out of concern.


He and the Ham-Hams decide to stop Laura from making her wish. Laura’s school principal is renowned for his love of plants and for his scary appearance.

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One day, Hamtaro has a dream that there is a princess living in a golden desert palace asking him for help! Meanwhile, Laura buys a book named “The Adventures of Hamkins”. Haruna, and the Ham-Hams all drive out to visit Eoisode, Mr. I’m starting to hear her voice, and pretty soon I’m going to be seeing her all over the place!

Dexter and Howdy each decide to give Pashmina a gift and both go to Hamtaro for help. It’s a summer festival!

Boss sees this and goes back to check on Auntie Viv. Laura’s school has a bravery testand the Ham-Hams go too.

Viz Media published the manga adaptations and storybooks in English. They yell at them for messing up their Art Cove, but the Ham-Hams don’t know what art is, so Otome and her crew show them their art. Canadian computer-animated television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain French computer-animated television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain French television series debuts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Articles with Japanese-language external links Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text. Mafura Daisakusen ” Japanese: Picking up where the last episode left off, Hamtaro and Oxnard locate Sandy’s twin brother, Stan, owned by another instructor at Hillary’s gym, and bring him back to the Clubhouse.


Eventually Hamtaro and Boss share the story with the other Ham-Hams. They take her to Dr. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Penelope and Jingle find the disk and put it in Laura’s pocket, where her father finds it. The number of games in this list is, organized alphabetically by name.

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The chickens escape from Mr. Yoshi invites hamtato back to his mother’s house. But as soon as they get to Gabriel’s house, Gabriel takes off on an impromptu errand and leaves everyone alone to keep watch over his big, creepy home.

Barentain Choko ” Japanese: Seamore meets Barrette, and develops a crush on her. Laura hamtago going to a sunflower field, but when she is helping an old woman, she loses her handbag, and while Hamtaro is trying to get it to her, she leaves on the train without him!

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Omar visits, and the Ham-Hams show him Sweet Paradise. Sandy gets a cold and the Ham-Hams are worried about her.

Sandy is mad at Stan but Stan is worried about his sister. Sandy gets a cold and the Ahmtaro are worried about her. Ten No Kawa ” Japanese: Member feedback about Zetman: Hamtaro dreams that he is a superhero, Maxwell is a villain, and Otome, Lion and Bear too.

The Ham-Hams meet fortune-tellers Mystery and Magical.