The show bringing him back from the brink will always be controversial. A slow start left many of us wondering if the whole Homeland project had any life left in it. Retrieved October 28, A bracing, intelligent start. Retrieved April 15, Carrie assures them there will be no purges, no enemies lists under this administration. Retrieved December 30,

In a staged attack set up by Carrie and her people, Aayan flees the safehouse and makes contact with Haqqani. Cory Barker of TV. Saul arrives at the embassy to oversee private security. Retrieved July 18, Stop or you will be hearing from my lawyers. Quinn was first seen with Great Expectations in season two.

They are getting off lightly.

Retrieved from ” finxle Lockhart agrees to the terms of the prisoner exchange. Could Adal really kidnap a U. The fourth season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on October 5,and concluded on December 21,on Showtimeconsisting of 12 episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved December 27, Are we to conclude that Dar Adal was his Magwitch? List of Homeland characters. Haqqani blames Aayan for the drone tracking him and kills Aayan.

Murray Abraham as Dar Adal. The show puts a huge amount of effort into being relevant to current world events and in that, it excelled. This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat Retrieved December 30, Homelannd fourth season has received generally positive reviews from critics.


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And the nominees are Adal presents a memory card containing the video, given to him by Haqqani, with the assurance that Saul no longer needs to worry about it surfacing. Season 4, Episode 12″. Retrieved November 11, Saul is offended that such a deal was made and that Haqqani cannot be trusted to keep his word.

Carrie asks Fara to recruit Aayan but she fails to do so as Aayan is too scared.

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It felt funale a weak decision at the time, but in mitigation we did get some flashes of badass Quinn this year and some good moments of emotional closure from those closest to him.

Quinn was first seen with Great Expectations in season two. This makes the other side seem like the screaming banshees that freaked out Keane. The state-within-a-state conspiring against the elected president was provocative and timely.

Homeland season six finale recap – America First

Where do you rank this season among all the others? Dennis gives info about Aayan to Tasneem who alerts Haqqani. Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names. In exchange for Haqqani agreeing to no longer harbor terrorists in Afghanistan, the CIA took Haqqani off their “kill list”.


Carrie then makes contact with Aayan offering help, to smuggle him out to London. Retrieved May 7, People like a show with balls. Murray Abraham informs Saul that he made a deal with Haqqani. More than ever, politics is conducted in echo chambers that we construct for ourselves via self-selected news and information feeds. TV by the Numbers.

Premier Logo Created with Sketch. However, Haqqani kills Fara, and Quinn attacks, forcing Haqqani to retreat and escape. Laura Durkay of Aeason Washington Post criticized the show for perpetuating cultural stereotypes and Islamophobia. As wrong and twisted as it has always been, it is real and you ignore it at your peril.