I know he didn’t bust Halle’s ear drum, but you can’t convince me that he didn’t get high and put his hands on a woman at least twice in his life. I occasionally post collectibles on IG. I was thinking the same thing how a distinguished man with such credentials choose the women he chose. That is in my status field on my MS Lync. That was such a “team natural” comment of me. Watched 2 seconds fell asleep!

Until the open post that is?? I’m not pressed, phased, or bothered! Ho is not a profane word. Girl, you got that right. What if his commute is long! Then, I must ask why it’s your pet peeve? Maybe you can get you a new email addy and come back. That’s how you know I’m saved, because I should’ve stabbed the ho years ago.

Even by ratchet reality standards it’s not what it once was. I’ve lost interest in Quantico and Once Upon of Time because of it. I’d love to read what people think about this. But God bless him. BM claim to find Halle attractive, but they never manage to treat her well. My episods is a huge reader and so am I. My best friend father played ball with him. Blame it on IG.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 8

I omitted the wicked witch’s mention that her husband heads out to work early because he can’t sleep. Yes, to all of this. I still don’t know why Gabby is in the show or what significance her role has.


Like, why can’t we ever have s show that doesn’t include Hispanics? That architecture degree enabled him to craft so hgawm things beyond physical structures. Ho is not a profane word.

I snuck and read WTE, too. And when I figured out how to get library books and unlock them so I ddotlmen them permanently, that was it!

How To Get Away With Murder Episode 7 – DDotOmen

It reminds me of Girlfriends. If they ever go on strike the networks will have enough withheld episodes of each show to tide us over. She is lazy and her children are loud and unruly because she doesn’t train them. Lol it has a hidden realness factor to it. IDK if she consciously chooses white men or if Black men simply don’t like vdotomen. I felt a “stiffness” in your font. I think the pedo “joke” was kinda rough. I love this reference! Born again virgin my new pet peeve for But yes, I agree with you that he is getting his happiness somewhere But I didn’t take offense.


You know I’m just joking with you, right? That’s a great way to encourage your child’s knowledge. I meant pet peeve in a good way. I only know because someone else told me she was accusing me to them and talking crap about me.

He did so when I was putting my Christmas wreath on the door one srason. Is Big Luther Mr.

Mr. World Premiere

He loves the snow bunnies. Unforunately, I have to use my mobile device on this site and I make manyyyyy typos. Do you see a period after Rhonda’s name?

Husband is always smiling and friendly. Is that the show where at some party the grandmother called the man a devil and told him to leave and after he left the skies cleared? What in the hell. It is a powerful episode.

How To Get Away With Murder Episode 7

What the hell happened chile. I probably shouldn’t care, but sadly, I do. I’m a catch up this weekend.