Because of his respect for order Grier dislikes Rassimov and the Blood Spirals. In a bold move the Huntik Team executes a brave plan to capture Rassimov while he is on a mission to capture the necklace of Tutankhamun. Meanwhile Grier is up for a promotion, and all he needs to do to receive it is take out DeFoe. Her brother Lucas sends her to prove her worthiness to lead the Casterwill by finding the Legendary Titan of Bravery, Mythras. Episodes were premiered online at 4KidsTV. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

They have to pass not only the many traps inside the place, but also the Professor and his men. Lists of Italian animated television series episodes. A new Organization team led by the charismatic Wilder takes over the Tower of Nostradamus. Views Read Edit View history. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. When they are captured by the Amazonians, all hope is lost. Dante and Grier fight side by side to finish Wilder’s group for good and complete the mission.

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Huntik Secrets & Seekers Season 2 Episode 14 The Spiral War

With the help of the 2 Huntik member Montahue, they go to Thor’s temple, but the Organization has begun infiltrating the Guardians of Thor’s temple and have a few Titan surprises and challenges waiting. In the UK, the first ghe concluded on January 29,as the program was aired every day. Wilder makes his return and captures the Huntik team as they explore the Sspiral of Cortez. What Dante and company don’t know is that homeland is the exact spot where the Argos has been discovered leading to a feud between Grier and the Huntik Foundation that won’t soon be forgotten.

However, the ring is actually the Legendary Titan of Fate, Arc. Meanwhile, his brother Harrison is training to be a Blood Spiral and is getting stronger.


Dante is determined to heal an old friend in the Huntik Foundation. The gang, now joined by Montahue and Tursley set out to find the second legendary titan in Ethiopia.

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers

They lose the zeason, but find something else that might be able to help them find Lok’s dad. Please help improve the article with a good introductory style. They retrieve the map, but Zhalia plays them right into the Organization’s hands.

On the way a message from Lok’s father and clues from the Ancient Seer point the way to Avalon and the Magic Willblade. The Foundation members learn from Tersley that Thor might have been a Seeker and that the hammer itself might be a powerful weapon the Organization is after. But after some investigation, they make a shocking discovery concerning the Professor.

The team take on a mission that Guggenheim makes official: The gang believes that Simon might have the last legendary titan. The legendary titan of epp is summoned.

The clues the gang found in Prague are finally returned and lead the team to the E of Nefertiti in Egyptbut the Organization decides to make things a little more interesting by cutting off all existence of Sophie Casterwill, including her funds, meaning the gang must find jobs to raise funds and make it to Egypt.

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They have to yhe not only the many traps inside the place, but also the Professor and his men. As Sophie overcomes the challenges a Spiral Army marches closer.

He also calls upon the Legendary Titan Quetzalcoatl, but even then, the Betrayer seems too strong, and he finally manages to activate the Spiral Mark.

Eathon orders his son to help the Casterwill family to fight against the Spiral and gives him a clue: In the US, after the first 13 episodes, the show went into reruns in order to make room for more Winx Club episodes.


The Huntik Team barely escapes.

To save the world from the comet Dante sacrifices himself. In the heat of battle Sophie is forced to prove herself to the surly Focauld, saving everyone. Sadly, Zhalia leaves Dante and the others to do what she does best, infiltrate the Spirals. Den and Harrison join the fight against the Betrayer, giving the Casterwills and the team time to regroup.

Lok wants out of being a seeker spirral Dante informs him that agents will be after him unless he hides in a huntik safe house. By using rhe site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

“Huntik: Secrets and Seekers” The Spiral War (TV Episode ) – IMDb

On one mission the gang is attacked by mysterious plants which lead them to an island where all their dreams come true, but Zhalia seems highly suspicious and decides to investigate rumors of an ancient magical power found on the same island which she believes are influencing everyone.

Both the Organization and the Foundation are ambushed by a devastating new enemy, The Blood Spirals, led by their old foe Rassimov. Suddenly, Umbra appears and delivers all that is left of Dante — a pile of ashes. DeFoe’s rivalry has led him to shame though, so spirl begins sending spies so he can finish Dante off once and for all. Lok destroys the Lodestone and Dante plans to ambush the Spirals before they realise magic can be used again.

Will Lok be able to find the eeason to the saeson city?