Later, during the after-festival party, Sawako wonders when she fell in love with Kazehaya and ends up falling asleep on his shoulder. The class is finally starting to prepare for the school festival, and everyone is wondering where Sawako is, in which Chizuru and Ayane say that she had somewhere else to be. As Kazehaya’s explaining his confusion and worry, Pin arrives, teases him about not having confessed yet and mocks him, telling him to confess to Sawako already. When she encounters Kurumi, who interrupts her conversation with Kazehaya, she unconsciously starts becoming jealous, but is also happy that Kurumi is becoming friends with her. Kazehaya is about to confess properly to Sawako when she interrupts him saying she wants to go first. The first DVD compilation for the series was released on December 23, , with one scheduled for each month until the series is complete.

While walking home with Sawako and Ayane, they discuss what Chizuru would say to Tooru, Ryuu’s older brother if he was to return. Sawako is still troubled by what Kazehaya told her in the previous episode, to just “forget” about what he had told her earlier. Later, Sawako and Kurumi meet and Sawako asks if they can be friends. Kurumi then starts her plan by planting a note asking Ryuu to meet Sawako at the sports equipment room, where Kazehaya has to go later. Sawako finally makes up her mind to give it to him after school, but is interrupted by Kurumi, who gives him his “first and last” chocolate from her. Ryu initially refuses but concedes, saying he would only listen to his problems.

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Kazehaya stops at one corner, and reminisces that he met Sawako for the first time at that spot. The next day, Sawako tries to greet Kazehaya, but stutters, and Kazehaya almost ignores her, briefly whispering “good morning”, and then runs to catch up with his friends.

In the end Sawako doesn’t care if Kazehaya likes someone or not, and she gets ready to confess to him. Things have become strained between Sawako and Kazehaya ever since the Valentine’s Day incident. Next day, Ayane goes over to Chizuru’s house to help her get ready for Toru’s Wedding. She receives a mental shock when Kento says that Kazehaya was probably looking out for her because she was an outcast, and since now she’s not, he probably wouldn’t talk to her anymore, and that he is in love with someone both not realizing it’s Sawako herself.


Chizuru and Kazehaya meet up on the way home, and Kazehaya asks if he is really that different from Sawako, as he thought he was the closest to her. In the classroom, Kazehaya tells everyone, under influence by Ayane, that Sawako is his girlfriend. Chizuru and Ryuu are back on good terms and everyone is eagerly anticipating Christmas. In the meantime, Kazehaya heads to the room carrying some equipment.

Ryuu then shows them the note written by Kurumi, which confirms that she set Sawako up. During the softball game Sawako can’t keep her eyes off Kazehaya, which makes Kurumi angry as she thinks she is the only one always watching Kazehaya, so she leaves. They are treated with a rare smile from Sawako. Sawako enters the kiminito,ode, and everyone starts praising her on how amazing her study sessions are.

Yoshida and Yano give her a change of clothes. Meanwhile, Joe is looking outside for Kazehaya and Pin is looking for Sawako. Kurumi takes the initiative and calls Sawako a doll, which makes her happy.

Later near the locker area, just as Kurumi was about to leave, Miura approaches Kurumi and asks if she would have been happy if he were to have managed to make Sawako fall in love swason him which Kurumi promptly replied no as it was impossible. Then, he encounters Ayane who offers to help him in his pursue of love for Sawako, although it isn’t explicitly stated.

Ayane and Chizuru wish Sawako good luck, as she is going to talk to Kazehaya again tomorrow. This episode is a recap of episodes 1 through 15 narrated by the tiny men Pin sees. Outside, Kazehaya finds Kento waiting for him.

After confronting Sawako, Kurumi snaps at Sawako and tells her that she is hurting Kazehaya, and that since Kurumi actually told Kazehaya how she felt for him, that they were not on the same level.


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They continue home, taking the path she walks to school. They are all having fun, kmiinitokode Ryuu leaves and Chizuru follows, Ryuu once again tries to confess his feelings to Chizuru but is interrupted by his older brother’s arrival.

Ryu and Kazehaya approaches them which Chizuru quickly takes up the opportunity kimlnitokode grab Ryu’s arm running off leaving Sawako and Eeason alone together. She begins to say she’ll try harder this year so people will like her, but he interrupts and says they already do. Kurumi slaps Kento across the face and tells him not to get ahead of himself. The first DVD compilation for the series was released on December 23,with one scheduled for each month until the series is complete.

Everyone is saying that Sawako got Kazehaya with black magic, but Kazehaya immediately clears up that misunderstanding. They both feel bad for doubting her, but realize that they are so worried about her means that they really were already friends. The kimijitokode ends with Sawako asking herself if she had really done her best with Kazehaya up until this point.

Kurumi tells Sawako to talk to Ryuu and maybe she’ll realize something.

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Everyone no longer believe that they’ll be cursed by Sawako. Kento also finds out that Kurumi likes Kazehaya, and asks her if it would make it easier for her if he went out with Sawako. However, he tells her that he would prefer to tell the person themselves about his feelings for them, instead of involving a third party.

Sawako and Kazehaya are still awkward and silent towards each other, which Ayane notices and worries Chizuru.

Kurumi responds by saying she isn’t Sawako’s friend, but her rival.