Shoot with the right prime each time and create your next masterpiece with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System! There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. The expiration date is Sept I like the fact that you can frame your subjects easily in the bright viewfinder, which is brighter than many of the expensive real TLR cameras of the day. I don’t know if they are still good. Show only see all. Please login to like.

Features ; three apertures to choose from, focusing front cell, bright viewfinder, and double exposure prevention with an option for creating double images. I recently re-spooled my first roll, and it was a breeze. Italian filmmaker Alfredo Buonanno’s shots with the Lomogon Art Lens prove that you can do any kind of photography that your analogue soul would desire. Photographer Sunny Liu walks us through with his personal experience with the Lomogon 2. Delivery Options see all. Dimensions ; camera only, 2. My first try came out fine, except there was a little bit of edge distortion on a couple of the frames. Sweet saturation, high contrast, cutting-edge optical quality, unique bokeh, super-speedy aperture mechanism — the Lomogon is the ultimate Lomo eye on the world.

About half the camera sale listings call this Kodak a Dualflex or a Duraflex.

Kodak Duaflex II: Kodet Fixed Lens

Watch the film 1220 by Davide Arneodo and read our exclusive interview with the filmmaker here in the Magazine. Any comments, suggestions, etc, would be appreciated.

Guaranteed 3 day delivery. The Duaflex turned out to be an easy, fun shooter. The viewer is not a flat glass screen like on a real TLR but a bubble lens like on the Brownie Hawkeye except bigger.

Focal length ; 72mm. On the market from —the Kodak Duaflex II came in two different models — a Kodet fixed focus lens and a Kodar triple lens. There were models numbered I through IV with a variety of features which seemed to have little relationship to the model number.


Kodak Duaflex II: Kodet Fixed Lens · Lomography

Go slow and relax – don’t sweat it. However, the view is very bright and makes it easy to see and frame your subject, even in the shade. Guaranteed by Fri, Mar 1.

View all photos and let me know if you have any questions and thank you for viewing my listing. I just clip the spool for the Duaflex and don’t do anything for the Hawkeye. Guaranteed Delivery see all. Kodak More from this Seller. Even so, the Kodak Duaflex is ioi a pretty fun camera, and very easy to use too.

It’s a pretty safe bet that most folks in this group myself included are going to say “Of course you can! Actually; anything other than direct sunlight is usually fine, so don’t think you have to load it in the dark or anything like that. Click for larger images. Also, The name is displayed fklm the top-front of the camera in a cursive style that many of iui struggled to learn in grade school, but that probably isn’t taught all that rigorously these days.

A little hard to look into from any angle except dead-on. These are being sold. I found it best when I ignored the number of turns and just snapped away when using 35mm.

Kodak Duaflex II

Taking it apart required no more than a phillips head screwdriver, but the cheap construction revealed in the process made me wonder if I would get it all back together in working order. My local camera store, which is excellent, no one there knew exactly HOW to do it, so they directed me to this site. The side view shows up the winding knob on the top left, and the shutter button opposite. The pictures were made at an old Camposanto in the desert outside of Rode, New Mexico.


The film goes in the jii in a swingout clip, takeup spool goes on top, and you advance frames with the trusty old red window method. I should point out right away that there were quite a few variations of the Duaflex and Duaflex II, ili here and in the UK, and not all models had a focusing taking lens.

35mm film mod | Kodak Duaflex | Flickr

Unlike a TLRthere is no link between the viewer and the actual camera lens. Please login to like. Quite sharp, even at the far edges. Please turn on Javascript in order to fully enjoy this website. An easy-to-follow guide on how kdak do so is linked to below.

Save Cancel Drag to set position! There is gilm a bit written online about this, which involves either trimming down the plastic spool to fit the camera, or else kpdak it onto a spool. Crippling features and omissions ; takes film, which is not widely available now. Here is the view through the bright viewfinder. Your name or email address: These cameras were designed to be used more or less as ” point-and-shoot ” cameras, especially the ones equipped with the fixed-focus Kodet lens and a fixed aperture.