Bowl Cut Man laughs and waves bye bye to her, and she acts all flustered and embarrassed. Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri Basically, the story begins with the scene of a photographer who was taking a picture for an automobile magazine. They force his head to look away and prepare a needle while putting a bit of fabric over his eyes with holes cut out. It was that huge. I promise it’s worth it, stick with me. You just got to know the tricks.

I guess she is struck with the desolation of how shitty that dog is going to be for that guy, too. It really IS the PV, where are the singers? This is the greatest thing that I have ever seen. She smiles, sadly, looking hurt. The guy fucking gave up his sight for her and they consider that romantic?! I take it back. It is Gay Assistant holding an envelope. Musical groups disestablished in Musical groups established in K-pop music groups South Korean girl groups establishments in South Korea disestablishments in South Korea.

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He flinches, and the manager rushes in, apologizing profusely to the man and literally shoving the girl in retaliation. She is wary, and he is moving around trying to give directions, then some part of her mind snaps into slut mode, and she begins posing and grinning.

How does that magazine know she is a diva, or single? The Key To Seduction http: In Korea, the album had two singles to date: You can find all the information on this link: Retrieved from ” https: Because to me it just seems so overdone.

It was the photo of her from the beginning of the video. He grips for her as the doctors wheel him away from her. She finds two of his photos sitting out, and cuts one of her in half and pastes it over a photo of him, so it looks like she is kissing him.


I really think they tried their best to cover all languages with this horrible, horrible song. A miracle happened, after a while being taken care in the hospital, the doctors took off the bandages on her eyes. She stood there and suddenly cried realizing that he loved her so much that he let go the most important part of his life as a photographer and a biker for her, his eyes.

Oh how quaint, she works a shitty job.

I kjss myself waiting for the still frame of an elderly couple holding hands, then the immediate switch to the slight unremarkable vocalist, clutching her breast mid-sob.

The album was scheduled to be released in early April; however, the release of Minastasia was delayed until July Let’s do a quick bit of info about it, first. He closes his eyes and a tear drops from them. And it really honestly does say what we thought it said.

And then she smiles a gleeful mpvie.

Kiss – Because I’m A Girl?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It is Gay Assistant holding an envelope. One day, an accident happened while she was trying to get something from a high rack in his studio.

So she came to his studio and returned it. After the group’s break-up, Umji became an actress [2] and married, [6] Jini returned to the States and continued her singing career. That thing you would see in a professional photo shoot, not some guy taking a picture of some lady standing in front of absolutely fucking nothing but a random street and doing absolutely fucking nothing besides standing in normal clothes.


Now I wash the mirror of salon. He is sitting at his desk staring at the Polaroids she had pasted together of her enormous head kissing at his face. I am on my way to the salon, and then I will come by and wave at you. She remembered about the racing place where they went together before.

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Why he destroy cute photo ideas of me? They became close and spent a lot of time together. I could run and try to make it home alone.

It was just a pop video, and he seemed as curious as h-entercom. I have no idea why. He was a professional photographer and she was a girl who dreamed to be a model.

Kiss (South Korean group)

I know it is sort of long and tedious and you may want to skim though or stop, but please, I beg of you, see this through to the end. His gay assistant openly stares at his ass while he looks at the girl through the camera. But no, that isn’t the end of this. Ice cream not so bad. Because of her relatively late debut, Mina initially claimed that she was born in I turn around in kisss often use slow motion effect! I’m still in love with her