When the food they will cook ends up to be Curry, they all must see how do they perform in terms of cooking skills. As Ruby tells her to become a Petit Lady so she can be crowned a Lady Jewel, Momona has some tough decisions if she can do it. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. All the ladies had a chance to shine this year and to spend time to each other. But to make things even worse, Luea knew everything about her secret about Momona chosen during the wedding, all due to a mysterious person who summoned her. As the party starts, all of them starts to remember their past experiences and memories in the Jewel Palace.

And now the heroes have to face him and the havoc and chaos that will be caused in both Jewel Land and the Human World. Suddenly, the restaurant is under hostage by Diana’s trio, but their own plan backfires as they try to attack, fleeing by themeselves. Sanrio Sega Sammy Holdings. The ladies-to-be next test to create an album scrapbook filled with photos of their first experience in the Jewel Palace. Don’t like the Transfer Student” Transcription: Lady Jewelpet Episode 39 Discu

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She tells them that her father’s restaurant turned empty, because people were disgusted completely with the menu’s ramen. However she faces a serious problem, involving the kiss between her and Cayenne and the other candidates are as more lady-like as her.

Momona’s next Lady Exam is to spend a romantic vacation under the starry night, but unaware that she is spending it with Lillian, Epsiode and Romeo in the southern seas.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Everything went back to normal, but little do everyone know, that Diana, has a plan to destroy the world.


And now the heroes have enf face him and the havoc and chaos that will be caused in both Jewel Land and the Human World. Servant of Seven Wounds” Transcription: One night, Ruby dreams she is told by a strange lady that Momona is the only one who can save Jewel Land and believe in the power of love without giving up.

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However Mizuki has problems regarding the test regarding to cute looks doesn’t suit her, and the other girls must find a way to help her. Momona’s next test will involve on how she clearly remember her once in a lifetime moment with someone she cherish closely. With the event being organized by Ruby, Luea plans to spoil the event for the Petit Ladies and on her sheer hate against her.

All have Become Kings” Transcription: But at the day of their date, something terrible has happened to Cayenne. Lillian then makes a regretful sacrifice.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With Rosa gone and Jewel Land facing another crisis, the Royal Palace has been surrounded by an ominous mist. After Miura is knocked out by Luea, she discovers a strange staff coming out from her JewelPad. Yeah, during the party its relive the past moments time.

In there, Momona encountered Miura and he told her to be herself regarding the secret of her enrollment to the Jewel Palace. However, the task given is rather tough for the Petit Ladies.

Don’t like the Transfer Student” Transcription: They try to make a different recipe, but it was a failure. Lillian however felt a bit glum for the test, seeing there are some things that she didn’t know especially her true ejg. For Momona’s next test, she must learn to carry herself gracefully with courage with the setting being the haunted house inside the Jewel Palace, believed to haunted by ghosts. Miura soon discovers something surprising and familiar inside his JewelPad.


When she lowers down her weapon, Momona wants to know about their true feelings. Then Rinko faces her fear of talking to a big crowd. The exchanges are hilarious.

The only thing funny on that episode is how Mizuki and the others back in the Jewel Palace are worried that Momona got kicked out, only to find out she just came back to jeqelpet her Jewelpad.

The Petit Ladies this time must episodw for the challenge given to the Prince Candidates, which is home cooking. Lady Jewelpet Episode 39 Discu However Ruby noticed something about the photos, and found out that Momona doesn’t have any photo of Cayenne. A day later at school, the three notice Rako sitting alone on her desk, and ask her what’s the matter. Views Read Edit View history.

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Now as an ordinary girl, she treats the entire thing as if it was all a dream and goes on with her everyday life. As the series unfolds, the episove heroines uncover new Jewelpets on their way while new relationships were being built through the characters.

As Ruby tells her to become a Petit Lady so she can be crowned a Lady Jewel, Momona has some tough decisions if she can do it.