Grapple up and hop across the ledges, then destroy the droid to free the pilot. Princess Leia Slave is now a member of your party. Hop onto the ledge, then hit The Emperor to take out more hearts. Walk up, then follow Boba Fett into the room. The canister lies on a high ledge above where Padme is held. Cross it, then continue hopping across the ledges. Use the Force on these crates to form a stack, and then double jump as Jar Jar up onto the high platform. Grapple up and shoot the two targets to lower the bridge, then go through to the next area.

Behind Obi-Wan’s ship, use the Force to repair the broken machine and to raise a platform. The canister lies after a split in the path, but before the first checkpoint. Pull the lever to fully raise the Falcon. The Sorcerer’s Stone Year 2: Here is another Vader boss fight. After the first encounter with Maul and crossing the bridge, use the Force to repair the broken Naboo starfighter on the left side of the hangar. Use it to open the last escape pod. The Rancor will pick one of them up and walk over to a certain spot.

After getting rid of the droids, use the Force on the ship on the ground.

Use the Astromech panel on the left to reveal more pieces. He will then return to the bottom. Walk through the opening, then hop across the moving platforms to reach this Canister. Hover as an astromech droid or double jump as Jar Jar to reach it. Follow the path around the tree to where all of the Clones wait. The canister is at the dead end of this exterior ledge.


Step on the buttons to make some platforms appear, and shoot the target switch to form a bridge. Destroy the clutter blocking the alcove there to find the canister. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. A few seconds later, you’ll turn and see a minikit piece. Shoot another target switch to raise another platform toward it. Destroy the spherical trees around the large domes at the rooftop area, and then use the Force to move their pots over to the central dome.

Keep going, and then you will see an entrance blocked by some blocks.

Sign up for free! Ldgo down the hallway, then walk through the opening at the end. Destroy the objects to clear the path, then continue along the Death Star. Fly through the opening to end the level.

Episode III, Chapter 4: Defense of Kashyyyk | Lego Game Help!

Head left from your staring point and hover miniikt the gap to reach the platform with this Canister. Hop in and shoot the blue barrier to destroy it. Destroy the silver grate, allowing you to collect this Canister. Falcon Flight-Free Play Mode. Pull the levers inside the alcove, then push the box to the end of the tiles. At the top is a switch you can use the Force on.

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First Time Use Yoda and Force the two square-ish objects on either side of the raised bridge to lower it. Head into the alcove and Force the wheel on the right to turn on the holoprojector, ending the level. Hop across the beams, then across the platforms.


Use the Force on the large cylindrical equipment to form stair-like platforms up to the high rocky ledge with the canister. What do you need help on? Shoot the target switch to make the canister appear.

LEGO Star Wars: TCS – Minikit Guide – Episode III: Defense Of Kashyyyk

The canister is on the left side inside the cave, just before the first checkpoint. Walk inside to end the level and the story. Build the LEGO pieces into a landspeeder, then hop in and drive it right over the mud. Force it to open it, ending the level. Shoot everything, and get the minikit piece. Follow the Wookiee uii the left, then step on the buttons to lower the bridge.

It will then fly through the shields. This time, Dooku has six hearts.

Step on the button at the end to extend part of a bridge.