I also love how the drama highlights that Eun-oh had autonomy, the whole way through. I have to say LMH acting is just plane awful though he looks so handsome. Besides to be estranged from all the rest of the world and all they knew and loved before? And he is not a serial killer Well, I think Kim Boong Do is still the playerest player who ever played I disagree on the crying part. Because he has witnessed as well as she who bore him, the events that gave him his final fate.

I simply can’t imagine.. She still dissapates, and you still have the ticking time. Because both lived fairly heartbreaking lives in their previous existences, and this way I get the assurance of knowing they would enjoy every single last minute together of the new ones. And when did they manage to have this conversation? This was a body that was killed 3 years prior and had not decayed. Donna October 24, at 4:

It is not epic nor it is technically perfect but episide just stood there with lots of heart, zippy moments, and great fantasy horror saeguk.

But given how good the rest of the episode went, I can forgive them. Discipline her harshly and give her the life she never had. I love the little girl. She must have another name, Sato gets his own back because of his servantsma overly affectionate mancrus–ahem.


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Who else clearly remembers the Jade Emperor telling his stoic-faced fairy that her expressions don’t call for many Reaper suitors? Going all the way to the top, no matter the odds, or dying while trying, just is not in the gene. Anyway, that’s what I know Why would you want him to suffer? God is forgiving afterall.

He ended his mortal life to escape the memories. Thks to Marang team too.

All the subbers are awesome! Moo Yeon get the worst punishment even hell is te god for her They’re just too great, deserve many awards. That face though is one that knows his cake when he sees it. Thks to all Marang team.

Last time we saw them Eun-Oh has been bodily sucked into hell and Arang was on an express elevator to arqng. And if you are Muist, then there are definite bits of mixing with Buddhism as it picked up reincarnation noted by both Muists and Anthropologists.

I dont know if one can’t feel the torment, suffering that the characters went through. Lucianabella20 October 19, at 8: Tina October 20, at Dominique October 18, at 8: It’s been some time since they introduced us to new elements like the books of life and death, etc.

Yaya, I was replying to the post above which commented that the punishment for being a serial killer is to be reincarnated as a goat in heaven. Overall I did thoroughly enjoy this show from start to finish, because it really did feel like thought and care was put into the construction of an entire world, where mythology and rules were important because they certainly are to me. Joo-wal comes by to witness the rest of the scene, though nobody pays him any heed.


Leejunki acting here is superb. Lily October 19, at 3: Haha October 25, at 3: They kept pulling me back when I wanted out. Guyz Please i don’t understand how did arang kill her self? Did you drink it?

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ThereforeI love the endings I feel for you, I do. A drama where some people got inspired and moved. So he reincarnated him. Pretty flowers, pretty boy and girl: Even an alternate ending for our characters. She grew up without a mother and was raised by a wicked caretaker who conspired to have her raped and ruined by a servant, Baekga.