Maan loses Khurana Constructions Plan for Engagement Party Maan does not recognize Geet Vikram’s Dead Body Is Found Naintaara Hears Important Message Geet faints due to fasting

The Wedding Is Postponed Dev saves Maan and Geet Maan does not recognize Geet Maan refuses to listen Birj Attempts to Kill Gurvinder Geet and Maan’s honeymoon Maan is smitten by Geet Forgot password Forgot Username.

Maan and Geet fight Geet tries to talk to Maan Maan breaks Geet’s fast Maan apologises to Geet Dev Receives a Courier A Client Flirts with Anvesha A Mysterious Phone Call Dadimaa comes to visit Maan The Secret of Channi’s Death Geet goes with Dev to a function Geet and Maan re-unite Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

Maan plans a surprise for Geet Brij and Maan’s confrontation Geet falls down the stairs Nandini and Dev find ways Will Darjee Stop the Wedding?


Geet Gets Angry at Dev Geet and Maan miss each other Geet is separated from Maan All All 0 Dislike 0. Dev Knows Parminder’s Misdeeds Nayantara Is in a Coma Vikram’s Dead Body Is Found Maan upset with Dev’s plans Dadimaa shares a plan with Maan Spilt Coffee and Spilt Milk Brij plans to attack Geet Epiisode to Have a New Member Maan and others leave for Delhi Video is violating privacy.

Daman is with Radhika in her room Geet tends to Dev Geet and Maan feel bad for Pammi Gossip about Geet and Mann