Looking at those three, I kinda get why Dong-hoon ends up the stoic way he is. I think though that they still need to spend some time apart, what with how awkward their relationship is at home right now. MapleSilver May 12, at 9: I have to admit, I was a little nervous that they would lose momentum after the week break, but it continues to be perfect. Their chemistry isn’t something i can explain. They’re comforted knowing that they have each other.

Im confused because the mom always visits the bar owner. It happened that Jonghyun was crying so hard that he couldn’t even sing his part properly so another members helped him to sing his part. Yes, its kinda strange that usually affair like this will tore ppl’s relationship apart, but in this case, all I can sense at least until this ep is that is a deep wound needed for the real healing to be done SHINee takes over Taiwan When he see her, he know what kind of person she like, he see himself in her, and he know he can help her. Is it because he feels more for her than he knows he should? There is no shortcut to acheiving perfection, just hard work and more hard work, if he is unable to take it, he will hide in the toilet for a cry, and then continue to work even harder during practice. They obviously loved each other a great deal and I have a feeling they still do but I don’t understand why they had to split up.

You can watch it here for those who are able to understand mandarin. This brought me back to the conversation between the brothers in episode 1 where Ki Hoon told Sang Hoon that between his two older brothers, he actually pities Dong Hoon more despite on the exterior, he seems to be the one who has it all. SG Wannabe – Sunflower Dec 17, Is not scared of the camera at all, a degree display or degree all show? Now i want a full brawl in the street scene for these bro, lol.

Key thinks you can look most stylish or handsome when you coordinate everything from head to toe.


I’ve been saying it for a while that IU is outstanding in this drama. It is just the unspoken kind but it does not diminish the romance of it all. Vietnam Special ep 1. I don’t even know if she is a superior. Its like condemning bad deed, but not the doer entirely before listening to their reasoning. She tells him honestly that her entire body hurts, and that when she opens her eyes in the morning, they immediately fill with tears.

Dongho Dressed As A Girl _ Idol Maknae Rebellion [Eng] [U-Kiss]

Stand By Me Japanese Ver. Being on stage is something to be enjoyed, and dance is the what makes him derives the most joy from. Registration will also be accepted on the day enh audition. And yes, the uncomfortable atmosphere is definitely going both ways, with Dong-hoon’s family putting her on pedestal because of her capability and achievement and all that. She steals a new pair of earbuds and rushes to see Ki-bum.

Its so beautiful to watch this cast. In fact all the women have done an unbelievably mkanae job. I am so in awe of the this work of art.

Episode Taemin RAW. Reading too much into it – up to this point.

Episode 14 confirms how strong the feelings are between DH and JA. SHINee will remain in Taiwan until the 8th for a total of four days and epissode nights.

IDOL MAKNAE REBELLION (ENG) ep , – Love is happiness

I don’t see how their marriage can be saved after she gave her heart to someone else. I agree with this.

It certainly seems as if the community Dong Hoon’s family is part of draws people into it, but it doesn’t really EXTEND towards the significant other’s spheres. Is very proficient in the guitar, bass and piano.

Fitzwilliam Darcy which now that I think about it the Mark Darcy mentioned in this epiaode is a modern version of Jane Austen’s well beloved hero of Pride and Prejudice When Sang Hoon apologized to her, I started crying again because honestly she both deserved and needed that.

Jung Hee and the neighborhood friends trying to find the guys. I have a friend like that, only that he is in another country.


[Reality Show] SHINee @Maknae Rebellion Episode 13 (English Sub)

Im confused because the mom always visits the bar owner. He sounds like he told Dong Rebelilon and just left without telling her. Not she is bad. It happened that Jonghyun was crying so hard that he couldn’t even sing his part properly so another members helped him to sing his part.

And it showed when the brother found out Yoon-hee’s affair.

Last week while riding the bus home I was bored and just started reading the recaps. This drama is killing me. Onew said that when jonghyun starts to cry, he cries the whole day 5. As for this ep, I just love the three bros and their dynamic. Episode 8 Minho and Key. The impact of hearing the most vulnerable member of his team with the least power, defending him, protecting aub.

아이돌 막내반란시대 E13 샤이니 – video dailymotion

To me they’ve crossed that line long time ago. Ji-an asks if he came here just for that, and Joon-young slaps her as hard as he can. It’s such a tender moment when he told his hyung to just say thanks to Ji-an because he is allowed that much. Taemin thinks it’s ok to kiss a friend who’s a girl 3. I think, in this sense, she has quite way to go but she’ll go if someone guides her right, PDH by the moment. But her “bad deeds” you are referring to are her “sun tzu art of war” dpisode in a hostile environment hence there is no “right or wrong” but means to an end.

For his bro to call her and actually apologize to her while she is in the wrong She is very mature for her age and really clever and smart.