Later upgrades added letters again Cf, C f and S. Trending Price New. Tony Lim often hosts Diana exhibitions, and he even has a collection of vintage models he cherishes himself. Today nobody can imagine hauling such a heavy and slow machine to any kind of sports event except perhaps for chess tournaments, but back in those days there may well have been sports photographers who used the beast. I doubt that the Sekor 80 S lens below would have rendered the Orange Favourite tulips significantly better. The following pages of each file are from a Mamiya parts catalog.

These rings have to be removed before attaching screw-in filters, so many of them got lost over the years. Lovers of the Instax Wide format rejoice! The one shown above also has the “blue dot” shutter lever. The Mamiya C Professional was fabricated in the late 60s and early 70s. I have a separate page for the Mamiya C33 here and a downloadable German Mamiya C2 sales brochure here. Of course this little trip into digital may be regarded as blasphemy on a page dedicated to a grand olde film camera. Skip to main content. It is nearly identical to the previous version.

It does not need batteries: The one on the base supports a screw in cable release. It is an improved version of the Mamiya C It really pays to have a certain degree of patience while scanning the auction site for Mamiya lenses.

The lens parallax selector knob has been redesigned with more focal lengths which now include the 55mm, 65mm, and mm lenses.

Be careful to have fresh film, not out-of-date i experienced quite some incconsistency in the results on slightly out of date NPH rolls.

The back cover can be removed and replaced with the single exposure cut film sheet back. The detail is just unbelievable, no grain detectable.


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The Mamiya C-series cameras are one of the very few twin-lens reflex cameras with interchangeable lensesalong with the Koni-Omegaflex and Zeiss Contaflex. Now in this day and age Film is kinda blase but I love this camera.

Since the various mm lenses differ there are multiple scales for mm. Note that the “normal” mm Sekor and the Sekor Super were sold simultaneously. What a great review!!! They looked great from normal viewing distance, and up close, eyes a foot away from the print, they had noticable grain but definate sharpness. Soon I felt completely attracted to one type of camera, the twin lens reflex TLR.

This could be a size limitting factor as well. Click on the thumbnails for full pleasure! Perfect colours with no tweaking at all! Look at chapter 2. By the way I really like to shoot NPH in my medium format equipment, although did not enlarge it extremely yet.

Quality was great, and it could easily have gone larger if the viewing distance was reasonable. Though it has its quarks, especially when trying to remove a lens, it has become a great companion. The Sigma manages to pack more and cleaner information into far less pixels. Quite interestingly, the mm Sekors D and DS were sold simultaneously inwhile the non-Super mm Sekor vanished.

The bigger the print the further the mamkya should watch it from, thus a 15x15cm print should be much sharper than a 1mx1m one, to be enjoyable. Heliar type lenses are said to render out of focus areas in a very pleasing way, therefore being especially suited mamia portraits.

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Brand new, in the box, untouched. Sweet saturation, high contrast, cutting-edge optical quality, unique bokeh, super-speedy mxmiya mechanism — the Lomogon is the ultimate Lomo eye on the world.


The lens distance scale has changed. The first black mm Sekor had the same smaller filter thread as the older chrome lenses. But Life happens and I sold the Retrieved from ” http: You don’t have to do it with the full frame. It has 4 elements with a very thick front element, while the Super Sekor has 5 elements. If you want to retain 7 lines per mm on the print, you can enlarge 7 times. It would seem that many photographers had this lens in their bag but did not use it all too often.

Max print size from TLR?

Of course, I like to be able to walk right up to the print and pick out the details. No doubt about that. This is a review submitted by Community Member rater.

The detail above is shown at pixel level 1: The camera is heavy, so I always use it on a tripod. Best Selling in Film Cameras See all. Dust and dirt can be cleaned off the lens elements but deteriorated lens cc330 cannot! A most beautiful place to visit! This will almost inevitably change once I mount it onto the C To my knowledge rilm is not correct.