After Sajjan married Ganga, Sajjan declared that Ganga is the new mistress or Thakuraayin of the mansion. When Sajjan came to know, he tried to kill them by pointing a gun but Pratigya stopped it. They call a local quack who decides to use an unscientific method to treat him. Pratigya wants to find him but they lock her up. Pratigya stops him and asks Sajjan’s permission to adopt Samar as her own. Dictionaries export , created on PHP,. Video file is corrupt and is not playable. She says that Krishna has broken the trust and faith in them and doesn’t want to come back, but Krishna is still trying.

Samar started his first day of school. She likes this boy and is happy. Dadi and Thakurain oppose it. Pratigya suggests that they have a special deal to attract customers. Then Shakti thrashed and beat gunga up. Krishna proposes the marriage and even gets his father to arrange their marriage. Then after a few days the naming ceremony started but when Pesiya called Thakur Sajjan Singh they find out that he is not in his room and when Shakti Singh investigated they found out that Sajjan was kidnapped by a goon named Makhnu Singh. But when they paid the ransom money, Krishna kidnapped Makhnu’s daughter and pointed a gun at her and Krishna said that if Makhnu wants his daughter back , Makhnu has to let go of Sajjan.

Sajjan gets very happy upon this news and so does Pratigya’s family.

Adarsh has gone to dubai and has left Komal at her parental home, Adarsh has gone for 3 years. Samar refuses to listen aawaz him.

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

Kesar continues to be mentally unstable and confined to a room. His name is Saranga.

Pratigya was teaching Samar good things. Naina pratigyas mother died in a car accident, aarushi and Tanmay got married! Ganga applied ointment on the cuts and grazes of Gunga.

After Sajjan married Ganga, Sajjan declared that Ganga is the new mistress or Thakuraayin of the mansion. Amma has already threatened Ganga, who goes off and starts to cry then Sajjan finds her and she requests to Sajjan that she wants to go home but Sajjan doesnt want this so somehow Sajjan makes her happy and asks what she would like to eat and then she names a few sweets and the next day Sajjan orders theses sweets epusode tells everyone that these are especially for Ganga which Amma really doesnt like to hear.


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He went and pretended to drop her to her home. Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. Krishna Yadargal Pal Fiction: Pratigya Most Stylish Sadasya Male: Look at other dictionaries: She is a beautiful awaaz who loves helping her mother at home.

When Shakti caught hold of the baby, Kesar starts beating Shakti up and Shakti told Pesiya to tie Kesar onto a rope and Shakti tried to feed the baby liquor but kesar called for help.

There was alcohol on shakti’s table Not sold from restaurant, Shakti bought it from outside Krishna tries to explain them that they don’t sell alcohol but the police arrested him. Pratigya’s father is completely embarrassed by what Angand, Krishna’s enemy, does pretending to be Krishna.

After her schooling, she was sent to Lucknow to complete her graduation only on one condition – that she will return to Allahabad and marry. When Shakti was holding Kesar’s baby, He accidentally drops the baby from a high terrace but krishna caught him. Krishna, on the other hand, is an illiterate who does not have any regard for the importance of education. He feels that if he loved anyone and married her, then she should feel grateful and worship him. Komal’s daughter Chinki visited the mansion and Chinki played with Samar.

Adarsh gradually gets well. Thakurain says Pratigya is not a good influence on Samar and that Shakti should bring a second wife. When Komal came to know that Sajjan married Ganga, Komal was shocked and had high blood pressure and because of that, Komal’s baby got aborted and Komal was really sad and upset.

He wants revenge on Pratigya because she slapped him.

Pratigya is Professor Saxena’s educated daughter who is engaged to the son of her father’s friend. When they left the mansion, they said when meneka gets married to shakti, meneka will control the mansion and rule the mansion but pratigya caught them. When the family came to know that Menaka was greedy Sajjan didn’t allow Shakti to marry Menaka.


Shakti has a girlfriend. Shakti decides to sell his ancestral necklace to get the money at the jewellers shop but Sajjan is already sitting there listening to him and beats him all the way back home.

Kesar’s baby gets born. Pratigya tries to explain to Adarsh that what he is doing is wrong and he is ruining aeaaz life, Adarsh says his life was ruined until he got to a better status at work. Professor hands over the house keys to Komal and tells her to take over the responsibilities. Everyone in the house have found out about Amma’s cunning plan and all are very angry, including Sajjan, who insists that Krishna brings back Pratigya.

Pratigya sent Samar to school along with two bodyguards.

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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya – Episode It is a love story of two people who are completely different. Ganga deliberately creates a mess so that the servant can work for her more. Ganga went to protect Gunga. Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Hindi: Amma takes the divorce paper but Krishna sees her going out and asks her to rest but she suddenly hides the papers and say that she is going to the mandir.

Adarsh is cheating to get money and just bought Komal a car. Thakuraayin decides to make “Baathi-Chokha” for Baba’s Dhaba but puts spoilt pickles in the “Baathi-Chokha” which Krishna tries first and gets a bad stomach ache. Then Ganga tried to drink poison but Saranga stops her. Video file is corrupt and is not playable. Pratigya suggests that they have a special deal to attract customers.